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Another Day

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This is a simple black and white retro-themed exploration. You play as the resident of an apartment unit who’s bored out of their wits while stuck at home. There’s got to be more to life that the same humdrum routine, right?

  • Do your chores.
  • Explore your apartment.
  • Unlock doors and go exploring.





Play Another Day Game Online

Teens and adults can play this exploration adventure game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively teens and adults can play this logic puzzle video game for free as a web application here.

Another Day Game for Kids Video Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Solve various puzzles to leave your apartment.

  • Starting the Game
    • On the welcome screen, select the play button below the title of the game to begin.
    • The game relies on audio cues. Please use earphones or turn on your speakers for the full experience.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • With your keyboard:
        • Use the following keys to move:
          • W and Z to move forward
          • S to move back
          • A and Q to move left
          • D to move right
        • Use the Esc key to activate your cursor, if ever you need to select anything outside the game window.
      • With your mouse:
        • Move the cursor around to look around.
        • Left click to interact with various objects in the apartment.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • Although this game might load on touchscreen devices, its controls were optimized for desktops with keyboards.
  • Game Play(Spoilers)
    • Concept
      • The game is essentially an escape room. You must find the items you need to unlock the doors in your apartment.
      • Incidental details strewn across the room will help you sort out the game and lead you out.
    • Walkthrough
      • The game begins with you opening your eyes to an apartment. The game’s instructions are on the wall near the door.
      • Your first tasks are as follows:
        • Make your bed.
          • Select your bed twice to fix it.
          • This is the very first task you can expect to complete.
          • Grab the key and open the door to unlock the other tasks.
        • Wash the dishes.
          • Move to the kitchen and pick up various dishes.
          • Place them on the kitchen sink.
          • Activate the sink to wash them.
        • Take out the trash.
          • There are pieces of trash in your bedroom and on top of the table in the living room. Pick them up and throw them in the trash can.
        • Replace the toilet paper.
          • Go to the kitchen and break open grandma’s vase. It contains the key to the bathroom.
          • Open the bathroom door.
          • In the bathroom,
            • Open the first drawer on the sink cabinet to get the toilet paper.
            • Place the toilet paper onto the toilet paper roll.
      • Smoke.
        • There is a cigarette in the ashtray on your couch. Smoke it.
        • This will activate some of the train of thought messages that appear in the walls of your apartment.
        • These messages are often clues to where you should go next.
      • Your next task is to leave your apartment.
        • Pick up the orbs in your apartment:
          • One is in the fridge.
          • Another is in the second drawer in the dining room.
          • Another is in the drawer below the TV screen.
        • Collect gears to activate the door mechanism. Here’s where they can be found.
          • One gear is behind the note in the wall of the bedroom.
          • Another gear is beneath the bathtub at the bathroom.
          • One more gear is hidden in the piano. The piano is tricky to unlock.
            • The messages while smoking will reveal that the character has a song stuck in their heads.
            • The jingle will appear before the piano near the door.
            • Play this jingle in the piano: CDECDC. Refer to this page for more details.
        • Once you’ve placed all the gears, the door will open.
        • Search for clues to unlock the next set of doors in the hallway.
          • Open the globe.
            • In your apartment, pick up the record in the drawer on the TV table.
            • Play it in the record player… backward.
            • You get your first numbers, 5 and 9.
            • Input these numbers in the globe in the hall and take out a piece of paper with the numbers 5 and 7.
          • Open the safe.
            • The piece of paper contains the first numbers of the combination for the safe.
            • Look out of the window to see the next numbers in the graffiti on the buildings.
            • Type in the numbers on the number pad. The safe will open, revealing another orb and the combination for the orb door.
        • Collect the orbs in the hall.
          • One orb is in the table.
          • Another is on top of the safe.
          • The last one is inside the safe.
        • Open the orb door.
          • Place the orbs in the correct pattern in the door.
          • Use the combination paper, the legend in the wall, and the graffiti in your apartment’s living room as a guide:
            • Use the legend to know which ball stands for what letter.
            • The combination paper shows the order the orbs should go.
            • The graffiti shows which slot each of the orbs should go.
          • After laying your second orb correctly, it forms a line. Make sure that the lines all match up with the graffiti in your living room.
          • Once the door opens, enter it.
      • Escape the gate guardian
        • The gate guardian is a vaguely humanoid statue that blocks your way out.
        • Despite their appearance, the gate guardian won’t actually hurt you.
        • To get past them, you must do the following.
          • Go to the terminal.
          • Manipulating the horizontal and vertical controls changes the orientation of the black and white circles on the field above.
            • Switch the controls so that the black circles appear on black squares and vice versa.
            • Do this in two rounds. On the second round, switching the circles once causes the circles to switch.
            • You must find the right order to flip everything so that they form the correct pattern.
          • Once that’s done, a large structure blocking a pit trap is removed.
          • Toss the guardian into the pit trap.
            • The guardian responds to your every move.
            • Move back, then move to the left to trap them into the pit.
        • Once you’re done, enter the door.
      • The big reveal.
        • Traveling down the path will take you back to your apartment, this time without the puzzles and their assorted hints.
        • This cues you in on the nature of the game.
        • Answer the phone. It’s your friend. She wants to hang out.
        • Leave your apartment and meet up with the gang. The game’s credits are shown on the signs and the buildings.
    • Plot
      • You, the player character, are the resident of a 1-bedroom apartment. The story takes place some time in the early 2000s, judging from the surrounding technology.
      • You live alone. You start with nothing but a mundane list of chores, which quickly lead to your surreal attempts to leave the apartment.
      • Messages, representing your stray trains of thought, appear sporadically across the walls of the apartment.
        • These act as clues and hints to the character’s nature.
        • It is important to note that some of these cues are activated when you’re smoking.
      • Your character is lonely and extremely bored with their life and is trying to escape both their apartment and the mental state that’s keeping them there. The latter half of the game is a metaphor for them wanting to break free of their comfort zone and hang out with their friends.
  • Moral
    • Routine can be very boring to most people. If you find yourself stuck in a rut, take some time off and step outside when it’s safe to do so. Give yourself a break from routine. Spend time with good friends or, if you prefer, just spend time in solitude outside your home.
    • Although the main character smokes, our site does not wish to promote the habit of smoking. Cigarette smoke is a leading contributor to lung cancer and other respiratory diseases.
  • Target Audience
    • The game is suited for players who like simple 3D exploration games.
    • The game has no lewd adult-themed content. It does have vague references to smoking and drug use.

Walkthrough Video

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