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Virtu Drum Pads: Online Virtual Drum Kit with 396 Drum Sounds

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Have fun practicing and composing drum beats by using this online virtual drum pads with 396 unique drum sounds. If you’re looking to arrange cool rhythms for songs, this drum simulator is comes with sounds from different drum kit models, including Yamaha, Korg, Roland, Ensoniq, and many more. Once you’ve chosen a drum sound, simply select and drag it into a virtual drum pad. The drum pads can be color coded and labeled as needed. You can also control your drum pads by pressing keyboard buttons. It comes with a keyboard mapping feature if you want to change buttons for specific drum pads. Finally, you can record your drum beats, play them back, and download them straight into your PC.

  • There are 24 drum kit models under the Sound Samples bar. Choose your drum sounds.
  • Once you’ve chosen your drum sound, select and drag that drum sound number into a virtual drum pad.
  • When you tap or press your keyboard button to sound that pad, it will immediately play the drum sound.
  • Record and save your drum beats into your PC. Recording is only available for laptop and desktop PCs.
  • You can save drum configurations for future use. This can be saved for both desktop PCs or touchscreen devices.





Play Virtu Drum Pads Interactive Online Drum Kit Beats Practice Simulator

You can play this free online interactive virtual drum beats simulator with recorder by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively children and adults can play this extensive digital drum kit with 396 drum sound samples online as a web application here.

Virtu Drum Pads Online Digital Drum Kit with 396 Drum Sounds Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Choose from 396 drum sounds under the sound sample bar. Drag and drop your selected drum sound into the pads to set them up. You can even color code them and You can the drum pads by pressing buttons on your keyboard. Record your beats and download them into your PC.

  • Starting the Game
    • Once the screen loads, you’ll see 16 white drum pads. All the controls are visible in one screen.
    • The text “Drop Sound Sample Button Here” is written on each pad. This text fades away after a few seconds.
    • To start playing your virtual dream kit, you must first learn about the controls to set it up properly.
    • Once you’ve set up your drum sounds, whether on desktop PC or touchscreen device, you can start playing beats.
      • On the top right corner of the screen is a white button with a square figure. Select this to put your screen on full view.
      • If you wish to return to regular view, simply select the square button again or press ESC on your keyboard.
    • Here are the 24 drum kit models available under the Sound Sample bar:
      • E-Mu Proteus FX
      • Ensoniq ESQ-1
      • Ensoniq SQ-1
      • Ensoniq VFX-SD
      • Kawai K11
      • Kawai K1r
      • Kawai K5000W
      • Korg M3R
      • Korg N1R-1
      • Korg N1R-2
      • Korg NS5R
      • Korg TR-Rack
      • M-Audio Venom
      • Roland R8-1
      • Roland R8-2
      • Roland SC-88-1
      • Roland SC-88-2
      • Yamaha FS1r
      • Yamaha RM50-1
      • Yamaha RM50-2
      • Yamaha RM50-3
      • Yamaha RX15
      • Yamaha SY22
      • Yamaha TG100
  • Setting Up Your Drum Kit Configuration
    • On the top right corner of the screen is the “Sound Samples” bar. Focus your attention there.
    • Select “Sound Samples” and a full drop-down selection of drum kit models from different instrument makers will appear.
    • When you tap or click on a model, blue boxes with numbers will appear right under the Sound Samples bar.
    • When you tap or click a number, you will immediately hear the drum sound it produces. Try to listen to each number of the sample you selected
    • There are 396 drum sounds to choose from. You can narrow down your search by focusing on a particular drumkit model.
      • Once you’ve chosen a drum sound, simply select and drag it towards your intended drum pad.
      • Once you drag the sound, text will immediately register on the drum pad labeling what model its from, and the type of drum sound it makes.
      • Repeat this process until you’re satisfied with your drum kit configuration. You can also edit your drum arrangement anytime.
      • To assign color coding to your drum pads, look to the bottom right section of your screen. You’ll see the Pad Settings section.
      • Tap or click on a color and drag it toward your preferred drum pad. It will immediately change the white drum pad into your chosen color.
      • Below the Pad Setting section are two white buttons:
        • Show Sample Text – This button indicates that the type of drums you assigned to is written on each pad. If you deselect this, it will change to “Hide Sample Text.”
        • Show Map Keys – This button indicates the keyboard buttons you should press to sound your virtual drum pads. There are default keyboard buttons assigned. If you deselect this button, it will change to “Hide Map Keys.” You won’t be able to see the corresponding keyboard buttons for your drum pads.
  • Game Controls
    • Touchscreen
      • Using your finger, tap on your selected drum sound under the Sound Sample bar.
      • Tap and drag your chosen drum number into a drum pad. Repeat this process until you’re satisfied with your drum sound selection.
      • The controls are straightforward. You simply tap the controls to change the virtual drum’s settings.
      • You can tap multiple drum pads at the same time. They will produce sound simultaneously.
      • The recording feature is not available on touchscreen devices. This feature can only be used on laptop or desktop PCs.
    • Mouse and Keyboard
      • Using your mouse cursor, left click on your chosen drum sound under the Sound Sample bar.
      • Click and drag your chosen drum number into a drum pad. Repeat this process until you’re happy with your chosen drum configuration.
      • You can use your mouse cursor to tap a drum pad and it will produce a sound.
      • However, using the mouse only allows you to sound your drum pads one at a time.
      • To maximize controls for your drum pad, use the keyboard controls. There are default keys assigned to each drum pad:
        • 1st row (from left to right): 1st pad – A, 2nd pad – S, 3rd pad – D, & 4th pad – F
        • 2nd row (from left to right): 1st pad – G, 2nd pad – H, 3rd pad – J, & 4th pad – K
        • 3rd row (from left to right): 1st pad – L, 2nd pad – I, 3rd pad – O, & 4th pad – P
        • 4th row (from left to right): 1st pad – Q, 2nd pad – W, 3rd pad – E, & 4th pad – R
  • Other Virtual Drum Kit Controls
    • Saving and Loading Drum Kit Configuration
      • On the top left section under “Virtu Drum” is the “Set config file name” bar.
      • When you assign a config file name, you plan to save your current drum kit setup.
      • To save, select “Save config” below the bar. The setup will be saved as a .json file format.
      • What if I want to load a previous configuration? Simply select the “Load Config” button.
      • When you load an old configuration, a folder where the the .json file is stored. Select this.
      • Once you select the previous configuration, it will automatically setup your drum kit with your intended drum sounds.
    • Sample Sound Volume
      • To adjust the sample sound volume, select the “+” or “-” buttons on the left side of the screen.
      • Sample sounds can be up to negative 20 dB or positive 20 dB.
    • Keyboard Mapping
      • The next control bar is the keyboard mapping feature. Use this if you want to assign different keyboard buttons to your virtual drum pads.
      • To assign a keyboard button, select “Blind Keys.” This will prompt you to tap the drum pad you want to assign a button to. The pad will start blinking.
      • Once you’ve clicked a pad, press the new button. For example, you want to assign “A,” just press A.
      • The Once you assign a new keyboard button to the pad, the blinking will stop.
      • To save your new keyboard mapping, press “Save Keys” on the left side of your screen.
        • If you want to resent all your keys, press “Reset Keys on the left side of the screen.”
        • If all the keys do not reset right away, you can simply refresh your browser since this is faster.
    • Audio Player Feature
      • This drum simulator give you the option to load any existing audio from your laptop, desktop PC, or mobile device.
      • You can play this track while practicing your drum beats. This feature allows you to hear external music in real time to practice your drumming skills.
      • To load a song, simply press “Load Audio” and select a music track from your folder.
      • To play, press the play arrow button. To stop, press the stop button with the two vertical lines.
      • The music’s volume can also be adjusted. This is useful if you want the music to be softer so your can focus on your drumming.
    • Record Feature
      • At the bottom left corner of the screen is the record control section.
      • To start recording drum beats, press the record button with the circle at the bottom left corner.
      • To stop recording, Simply press the square stop button. This will instantly cease the beat recording.
      • To play back your recording, press the lay arrow button on the bottom left side of the screen.
      • Finally, if your wish to download a recorded beat, press the cloud and arrow button at the bottom left side of the screen.
        • You can record any drum track for as long as you need. Recording has no time limit and is infinite.
        • The record feature is only available or laptop and desktop PC. It is not a feature found on the mobile version of this music application.
  • Drumpad Strategy
    • Practice drum skills and compose wicked beats by playing this virtual drum pad.
    • It has a wide library of unique drum sounds that can inspire kids, teens, and adults to produce all sorts of music.
    • Use this to practice playing drums along with a song you want. Maximize the audio player feature to practice drum beats live with a song.
    • Use online interactive drums can help you create interesting rhythm arrangements that can enhance certain types of music.
      • This music application can be used to improve beats and rhythms for previously recorded songs. You can use on bile, tablet, laptop or desktop PC.
      • If you’re a solo artist who wants to create drum beats for their own original song, take advantage of this virtual drum kit.
      • You can record and download your own beats into your own computer.
      • Save the music file for future reference, or even edit the audio into a track using a professional sound editor.
      • Push the boundaries of your musical creativity with this virtual drumming application. Have fun practicing and creating cool beats at your fingertips.

Drumming Inspiration

Drumming expert Larnell Lewis plays Enter Sandman after a single listen.

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Virtu Drum Pads Online Drum Practice Pads with 396 Sounds Game Screenshots

Virtu Drum Pads Opening Screenshot.
Virtu Drum Pads Sound Samples Screenshot.
Virtu Drum Pads Sound Selected Screenshot.
Virtu Drum Pads Bind Keyboard to Pad Screenshot.
Virtu Drum Pads Binding Pad to New Key Screenshot.
Virtu Drum Pads Dragging Drum Sounds to Pads Screenshot.
Virtu Drum Pads Assigning Colors to Pads Screenshot.
Virtu Drum Pads Saving Drum Setup Configuration Screenshot.

Mobile Friendly Cross Browser Support

This game is rendered in mobile-friendly HTML5, so it offers cross-device gameplay. You can play it on mobile devices like Apple iPhones, Google Android powered cell phones from manufactures like Samsung, tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire, laptops, and Windows-powered desktop computers. All game files are stored locally in your web browser cache. This game works in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other modern web browsers.

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2 comments on "Virtu Drum Pads: Online Virtual Drum Kit with 396 Drum Sounds"

  • Joey says:

    This virtual drum kit lets you assemble a digital percussion set to practice on. Choose between different virtual drum sets and use your keyboard to compose. Once you’re done, you can save the file into your computer. From there, you can layer your drum compositions in the program of your choice. This is a great virtual tool for composers, especially newcomers.

    Note: your audio files save in the .webm format. Be sure any editing program you have can read and edit this file type.

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