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Tank Wars Base Defense Game

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This is a simple and fun base defense game. You can play it single player or in two player coop mode. We also offer Sahara Invasion, which is the sequel to this game.

  • Shoot all competing tanks with your tank.
  • Prevent competing tanks from destroying your base.
  • Careful with your fire as you can accidentally shoot your own base.





Play Tank Wars Online

You can play this base defense strategy tank game inside this webpage below by tapping on the screen or clicking your mouse. After loading reaches 100% click the white arrow in the green box to begin.

Alternatively you can play this cooperative tank game as a web application here.

Tank Wars Multiplayer Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Shoot opposing tanks while preventing them from destroying your base.

  • Begin the Game
    • Click the green arrow on the loading screen.
    • The i button on the welcome screen shows the various power ups which are available.
    • You can control sounds using the buttons on the lower right corner of the welcome screen.
    • Select 1 or 2 players (green or blue).
      • In two player mode the game is cooperative.
      • If you select one player the keyboard arrow keys are used to drive the tank and point where it is shooting while the spacebar shoots.
      • If you select two players then the number arrow keys drive the second tank and the number 0 shoots the second tank. In two player mode the letter keys a, w, d and s act as the direction pad for the first tank and the first player still shoots with the spacebar.
      • If you prefer to use the touchscreen the movement controls are in the lower left side of the screen and the fire button is in the lower right corner.
    • Select your difficulty level: easy, normal, medium, hard, then click the green arrow at the right of the screen.
    • Select the level you would like to play.
    • When you are on the level overview page click your mouse or tap on the screen to begin play.
  • Levels
    • By default this game comes with 10 levels. You can play any of them at the 4 different difficulty levels, but you will have to beat level 1 to unlock level 2.
    • If you run out of tanks or your base is destroyed you lose. If you die in a level you can retry it.
    • If you beat a level but would have liked to have done better then after the level you can click on the rounded circle arrow button to play it again.
    • If you beat a level and would like to go to the next one click on the green button with the white arrow pointing right.
    • The game also has an in-game level designer (the orange button in the bottom middle portion of the welcome screen) where you can develop up to 120 custom levels. Levels can be exported into a custom levels.json file.
  • Level Movement
    • Your tank’s shot tends to move in the direction you last moved unless you alter it by tapping in another direction.
    • You can move through trees.
    • You can not move through the large concrete barriers.
    • You can shoot down brick walls and then drive your tank where they once were.
    • Periodically power ups will flash on the screen. Collecting them will make the game easier for you.
  • Defend Your Base
    • Prevent enemy tanks from destroying your base.
    • If an enemy tank is between you and your base it may make more sense to ram them than to shoot them as you can accidentally shoot your own base!
  • Shoot the Enemy Tanks
    • Depending on the difficulty level, some tanks may only require a shot or two while other tanks may require many shots.
    • You can tap the spacebar rapidly to shoot rapidly.
    • When one bullet is on the screen you can not shoot again until after the bullet has hit something.
    • If you run into another tank both tanks die.
    • The screen shows how many tanks you have remaining along with how many tanks the enemy has remaining. These counts are how many tanks remain in the base and do not include the tanks on the playing field.
  • Strategy
    • Even on hard mode this game is not too difficult.
    • The key to making the game easy is to figure out where there are choke points the enemy has to pass through and then align your tank so that you can shoot at them before they can shoot at you when they change directions and have to go through a choke point.
    • Another good option is to set your tank in a position where you have a clear shot over a long distance and slowly pick them off.
  • Collect Bonus Power Ups
    • The game has a variety of power ups that periodically flash on the screen for a limited amount of time.
    • Rolling over the power ups will grant you extra powers.
Power Up Role
1UP / Heart Extra life
Star Bonus Take 1 or more stars & get a new tank
Gun Bonus Get new tank T4
Helmet Bonus Temporary tank protection
Bomb Bonus Destroys all enemies on the screen
Time Bonus All enemies on the screen drive slowly
Shovel Bonus temporarily increases base protection
Snow Bonus turns water into ice

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Tank Wars Base Defense Game
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Tank Wars Game Screenshots

Tank Wars Game Welcome Screenshot.
Tank Wars Game Screenshot.
Tank Wars Level Complete Game Screenshot.

Mobile Friendly Cross Browser Support

This game is rendered in mobile-friendly HTML5, so it offers cross-device gameplay. You can play it on mobile devices like Apple iPhones, Google Android powered cell phones from manufactures like Samsung, tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire, laptops, and Windows-powered desktop computers. All game files are stored locally in your web browser cache. This game works in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other modern web browsers.

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13 comments on "Tank Wars Base Defense Game"

  • Joey says:

    This game might seem familiar if you’ve ever played tank games on the NES. The gameplay follows the same simple formula. You control one tank and must protect your base from the hordes of invading tanks. Topography is your main ally. Walls of varying degrees of strength protect you and your base from the invaders. Often, to get them, you must often blast through some of the barriers protecting you. The game ends when you run out of spare tanks.

    You have two ways to defeat individual enemy tanks. The typical way is to shoot them, but this isn’t always advisable. Instead, you can opt to ram them at the cost of one of your spare tanks. This is useful if enemy tanks are way too close to your home base.

    Each level ends when the waves of enemy tanks stop. Work out a strategy to protect your base using topography and strategy. You have ten different stages, which you can play in four levels of difficulty. This gives you a total of 40 different play combinations. Despite its simplicity, Tank Wars provides plenty of replay value for the player. And if you’re not satisfied with your past performance, you can always play through a level again.

  • Angela says:

    Tank Wars is inspired by the classic 1985 Namco multi-directional shooter game. But unlike the old version, this comes with difficulty modes: easy, normal, medium, and hard. Enemies come from the top while your base is located at the bottom. The goal is to defeat tanks while defending your base. You lose when the tanks breach your territory and destroy your green base. It’s also game over when you run out of lives in the succeeding levels.

    Besides shooting tanks, you should watch out for power ups throughout the game. Get the heart for an extra life, a star for a new tank, and a helmet for temporary protection. You can even get bombs to detonate all your enemies. A time bonus will make your enemies move a lot slower so you can shoot them faster.

    You can move and hide through trees, and shoot brown walls. But you cannot cross rivers or go through steel walls. The game also comes with 2-player mode if you want to team up with a friend. It will take a while to get used to, since it uses the keyboard to maneuver the tanks. The game has ten levels, and you can play through old levels to improve your performance over again.

    More than just shooting, it’s a strategy game that makes you practice planning and timing. When a slew of enemy tanks arrive, you might have to sacrifice one of your lives to defend your base.

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