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Super Bubble Shooter

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This is an engaging puzzle based bubble shooting game. The basic rules are straigthforward: create groups of 3 or more identically colored bubbles to remove them from the stack. You only have a limited number of bubbles to work with. The game adds another level of difficulty by adding hazards in later levels.

  • Improve your score by clearing large groups of bubbles at a time.
  • Use special bubbles to help you clear each level.
  • Play through 60 levels spread out through 4 episodes.





Play Super Bubble Shooter Game Online

Children and parents can play this fun bubble shooting game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this match 3 bubbles video game for free as a web application here.

Super Bubble Shooter Game for Kids Video Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Shoot a colored bubble to the stack. Form groups of 3 or more identical bubbles to remove them from the stack. Clear the entire stack within the limited number of bubbles you start with.

  • Starting the Game
    • On the welcome screen, select the play button to begin.
    • Select the gear button to the lower right of the play button to open the game’s audio controls:
      • Move the volume slider up and down to adjust the game’s volume.
    • Select the enlarge button to switch between windowed and full screen modes.
    • Your web browser automatically saves your game progress and best level scores.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • With your mouse:
        • Left click and hold to aim.
        • Release to launch.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • With your fingers:
        • Tap and hold to aim.
        • Release to launch
    • Controls and indicators
      • Left edge (top-down):
        • Level score
        • Level number
        • Star rating meter
      • Bottom center (left to right):
        • Shooter
        • Remaining bubbles
      • Right edge
        • Gear button: Pauses the game and opens the pause menu
          • Pause menu (top-down):
            • Volume slider
            • Bottom row (left to right):
              • Home button: Quits the level and returns you to the welcome screen
              • Reset button: Lets you start the level from the beginning
              • Play button: Lets you resume the level from where you last left off
        • Remaining star bubbles
        • Remaining rainbow bubbles
        • Remaining bomb bubbles
        • Remaining lighting bubbles
  • Game Play
    • Basic rules
      • Shoot bubbles onto the stack.
        • To aim the bubbles, left click or tap and hold.
          • The dotted like will show the path the bubble will take.
          • To bring a bubble to a desired location, you must bounce it off the walls.
        • To get a clearer shot, make sure that no undesirable adjacent bubbles are on the way.
          • If a bubble is too close, you risk you bubble sticking to it instead of where you want it to hit.
          • If you don’t think this can be avoided, reconsider shooting in that direction.
        • The shooter contains two balls.
          • The larger ball is the one you’ll be shooting immediately, while the smaller one is the ball you’ll be shooting next.
          • Select the shooter to switch between the two bubbles.
      • To clear a group of bubbles, form a group of 3 or more bubbles of the same color.
        • The more bubbles get cleared at the same time, the higher its score value.
        • Any bubble attached only to the bubble group you clear is removed alongside it.
      • You only have a limited number of bubbles.
        • You will fail the level if you run out of bubbles before clearing the entire stack.
        • Aim the bubbles with care to make sure each shot clears the stack.
        • Try to clear several groups of bubbles at once by taking out the group of bubbles they’re attached to.
        • Consider switching the bubbles out if you think you have a better chance at clearing more bubbles with it.
    • Level features
      • Some bubbles cannot be removed by grouping them with others.
        • These include the following:
          • Stone bubbles
          • Spike bubbles
        • Regular bubbles will latch onto stone bubbles and pop when they hit a spike bubble.
        • Often, you’ll need to use a special bubble to get rid of these other bubble types.
          • They can also just fall off when you clear the group of bubbles they’re attached to.
      • Shield bubbles take two hits to be removed.
        • Shooting a bubble of the same color as them turns them into regular bubbles. This also applies for bomb and lightning bubbles.
        • If part of a group, they will remain attached to the stack while the rest of the bubbles disappear.
        • You need to shoot another bubble of the same color to remove them.
        • You can also use star bubbles to remove them in one hit.
      • Chance (plus and minus) bubbles affect the number of balls you have left.
        • Their effects are based on the number shown on them.
        • Clearing a plus chance bubble will give you extra balls.
        • Clearing a minus chance bubble will take away balls.
        • These are activated whenever they are cleared (either by regular means or via the bomb or lighting balls).
        • However, if they fall, they don’t have any effect on you at all.
      • Question bubbles change colors after popping.
        • In most cases they will change from one color to another.
        • In some cases they may remain the original color they were.
        • Since there is a change these bubbles must first be activated to change colors & turn to a normal bubble & then hit again, or they must be knocked off the stack by removing other bubbles which connect them to the stack.
      • Clock bubbles change colors every 3 turns.
        • The counter on the bubble shows how many shots until they will change colors again.
        • If a color matches part of a set and shows a 1 it can make sense to shoot it right away to match off the set.
        • If a clock bubble does not have an adjacent bubble of the same color then it does not make sense to build other bubbles of the same color next to it unless you plan on using a rainbow bubble or are early in the count.
      • Glass bubbles
        • Glass bubbles are transparent until you hit them.
        • When you hit a glass bubble it reveals its color.
        • If the revealed color is the same color that you shot and makes a set of 3 or more the bubble will fall away on that same turn.
      • Binding bubbles
        • These bubbles turn adjacent bubbles into black bubbles.
      • Cursed bubbles
        • Green cursed bubbles convert adjacent bubbles into cursed bubbles after every 3 turns.
        • You can remove the cursed bubbles from the stack by using bombs, lightning, or knock all the other connecting bubbles off the stack.
      • Skull bubble
        • Avoid hitting the skull bubble or you lose.
    • Special bubbles
      • In general
        • You typically only have a few of these bubbles at any given time.
          • You can replenish your stock of special bubbles by clearing bubbles with icons on them.
          • You don’t need to clear bubbles that contain specials directly to claim them. You still get them if they fall when the group they’re attached to is removed.
        • You carry over special bubbles from one stage to the next.
          • You can replay a level or a series of levels to accumulate more special bubbles.
          • You can carry an inventory of up to 9 of each type of special bubble.
      • Bomb bubbles
        • Shooting these removes an entire cluster of bubbles within a small radius.
        • These can instantaneously remove nearby stone bubbles and spike bubbles.
      • Rainbow bubbles
        • These can be used to substitute a bubble of any color.
        • They come in handy if you don’t have any bubbles that work for a specific situation (i.e. a large group that, when removed, takes down a few others along with it).
        • If you aim for the edge of multiple different colored bubbles the rainbow bubble can match multiple different groups at the same time.
      • Lightning bubbles
        • Lightning bubbles work in much the same way as bomb bubbles, only they clear an entire horizontal row of bubbles at once.
        • In some cases, they can be useful in bringing down large groups of bubbles at once.
        • If a bubble has a shield or question mark this will only take one hit off that bubble & it must be hit again or matched as part of a set of 3 to remove it from the stack.
      • Star bubbles
        • Star bubbles let you remove the shield from any bubble it’s adjacent to.
        • These can be useful in removing large groups that are held in place only by shield bubbles.
        • These tend to be rarer than most other bubbles. Use them sparingly.
    • Scoring and star ratings
      • Level score
        • Your score per level is based on the number of balls you clear at any given time.
        • You also get a score bonus for every remaining ball on your stockpile.
        • Replay the level if you want to beat your previous high score and earn a better star rating.
      • Star rating
        • Your star rating per level is based on how high you score.
        • Each time you score, you fill up the star rating meter.
          • Lines in the star rating meter indicate your rating.
          • To reach the highest rating (3 stars), you must fill up the meter all the way to the top.
          • You can continue earning points even after you’ve filled up the star meter.
        • The timely use of specific power ups such as the lighting bubble can help you fill out the star meter early in the level.
    • Episodes and levels
      • The game is divided into 4 episodes with 15 levels each.
        • Within each episode levels grow more challenging as you progress.
        • Each episode is harder than the prior episode.
        • Early levels in an episode may be easier than the final levels in the prior episode, but the later levels will be harder than the later levels were in the prior episode.
        • Gameplay is largely the same across episodes except the level designs grow more complex & you’ll face more glass bubbles, cursed bubbles, and skull bubbles later in the game.
      • Both the levels and the episodes are unlocked sequentially.
        • Finish one level to unlock the next.
        • The first 5 levels act as a tutorial for the game.
        • To unlock the next episode, complete all the levels in the current one.
          • You can unlock the subsequent episode even if your level ratings are below 3 stars.
      • There are 60 levels in the game.
        • You can replay any of the levels you’ve already beat.
      • Winning vs losing
        • You beat a level by clearing the entire stack before you run out of bubbles.
        • You lose a level if you run out of bubbles while some bubbles still remain on the stack.
        • This game offers unlimited continues.
    • Tips
      • It does not cost you any bubbles to swap the up next bubble with the current bubble, so use this feature as frequently as you like.
      • Star ratings
        • If you earn fewer than 3 stars keep playing through the game until you have beat all levels and come back to it.
        • You can replay levels not only to earn a better star rating, but also to accumulate special power ups.
        • You can use the bomb or rainbow bubbles to help clear one side of a screen and then use the lightning bubble with an angle shot to knock down many bubbles at once, giving you a huge score bonus & ensuring you earn a 3-star rating.
        • If a row has glass, question, or shield bubbles on it you can still clear that row quickly by launching two consecutive lightning bubbles.
        • If there are rocks in a row those will not be destroyed by a lightning bubble, meaning you would need to aim a row lower if you wanted to remove much of the stack at once.
      • Aim rainbow bubbles at the gap between multiple different colors to match multiple sets with a single shot.
      • Spikes
        • You do not need to remove spike or stone blocks from the stack to clear a stage.
        • The spike will pop any bubble you shoot that ends up adjacent to it, with the exception of the bomb power up.
      • When you get far into the game there are two different colored red colors which are quite similar to each other. Be sure you are shooting the correct color at the correct target.
      • The dotted aiming guide is quite good at showing which shots are possible.
        • In some cases it is a bit too optimistic and makes it look like rather hard shots are possible where you’ll get the bubble stuck if you try them.
        • Use intuition and experience to know when to trust it.
      • Glass bubbles
        • When shooting at glass bubbles consider the colors of bubbles shown on the other side of the glass bubble. If you shoot a color that matches the color on the opposing side & you touch 2 glass bubbles at once there is a good chance you will make a match.
        • If you knock off some bubbles in a glass bubble stack you can create a C type cup shape where if you hit into it you can activate 3, 4, or 5 glass bubbles at once.
      • Stack height
        • After the level preview the game only shows a maximum of 7 rows of bubbles on the screen at a time.
        • If you shoot bubbles that stick in a new bottom row that will remove the screen downward. That can be useful if you want to open up hard-to-reach angles to the other side of the screen, but otherwise it makes the game harder.
        • If you get a bubble you do not like the color of you can swap with the next up bubble.
        • If the next up bubble is also a color you do not like you can instead use a special power up bubble.
        • If you do not want to use a special power up bubble you can fire your bubble at a spike to have it get destroyed without adding to the stack.
  • Target Audience
    • The game is suited for players who like simple bubble shooter games.
    • The game has no adult themed content.

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Free Online Super Bubble Shooter Video Game for Children & Adults Screenshots

Super Bubble Shooter Game Welcome Screen Screenshot.
Super Bubble Shooter Game Select Episode Screen Screenshot.
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Super Bubble Shooter Game Pop Bubbles Tutorial Screen Screenshot.
Super Bubble Shooter Game Don't Use All The Bubbles Tutorial Screen Screenshot.
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Super Bubble Shooter Game Bombs Destroy Rocks Tutorial Screen Screenshot.
Super Bubble Shooter Game Rainbow Wildcard Bubbles Tutorial Screen Screenshot.
Super Bubble Shooter Game Clear Rows Thunder Bubble Tutorial Screen Screenshot.
Super Bubble Shooter Game Remove Spiked Bubbles Tutorial Screen Screenshot.
Super Bubble Shooter Game Chance Bubbles Tutorial Screen Screenshot.
Super Bubble Shooter Game Shield Bubbles Tutorial Screen Screenshot.
Super Bubble Shooter Game Question Bubbles Tutorial Screen Screenshot.
Super Bubble Shooter Game Clock Bubbles Tutorial Screen Screenshot.
Super Bubble Shooter Game Glass Bubbles Tutorial Screen Screenshot.
Super Bubble Shooter Game Binding Bubbles Tutorial Screen Screenshot.
Super Bubble Shooter Game Cursed Bubbles Tutorial Screen Screenshot.
Super Bubble Shooter Game Skull Bubbles Tutorial Screen Screenshot.
Super Bubble Shooter Game Screenshot.
Super Bubble Shooter Game Level Completed Screen Screenshot.

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