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Merry Merging Christmas

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This is a trinket merging game where you help Santa Finn spread cheer.

  • Tap on the bag or store to add trinkets into one of the 8 slots.
  • Merge the trinkets together into the next higher trinket value.
  • Repeat the process until you get a trinket up to a value of 35.





Play Merry Merging Christmas Game Online

Children and parents can play this holiday merging game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this Christmas merge video game for free as a web application here.

Merry Merging Christmas Santa Sleigh Video Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Merge buttons of the same numerical value together into the next higher button value. Select buttons from the stack or shop to keep merging up. Take advantage of the speed boost to earn points faster.

  • Starting the Game
    • Click on the green and yellow button at the bottom center of the game’s welcome screen.
    • Your web browser automatically stores your inventory, unlocked trinkets and savings.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Use your mouse left click button to do just about everything.
        • Click on Santa’s bag to add that trinket to the game.
        • Click on the store button to buy trinkets.
        • Click on a trinket and drag it to another trinket of the same value to merge them.
        • Click on the bonus bar to activate bonus mode.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • Touch the screen with your finger to use it like a mouse.
    • The upper left corner of the screen shows your star savings. Santa’s bag shows grab bag trinket pricing.
    • The upper right corner of the game has a sound control button.
    • The lower left corner of the game has a store button where you can buy trinkets.
    • The lower right corner of the game has a cardboard box where you can drag trinkets you want to discard.
  • Game Play
    • Merging trinkets
      • Drag one of the trinkets from the slots to another of the same value to merge them.
      • Repeat the process.
      • As you advance trinkets get more expensive.
      • Each time you merge to a multiple of 5 (up through 20) another cart is added to the sleigh. Finn is joined by Ben 10, Gumball, Ice Bear.
    • Adding trinkets
      • Place your highest value trinket in Santa’s sleigh to spread cheer.
      • As Santa’s sleigh spreads cheer you earn points which can be used to buy more trinkets.
      • If you only have one open slot available and the trinket from Santa’s bag can’t easily be merged do one of the following
        • Discard your lowest value trinket on the playing field by dragging it to the cardboard box in the lower right corner.
        • Open up the shop link in the lower left corner and buy a trinket you can merge into one already on the board & repeat this process to clear up space
    • Buying trinkets
      • The lower left corner of the screen has a trinket store where you can use the in-game earnings to buy trinkets rather than using the ones from Santa’s bags.
      • Each time you buy a trinket you increase the price of that specific trinket but you do not impact the prices of other trinkets.
      • Whenever you pull the trinkets from Santa’s bag that increases the price of pulling further trinkets from Santa’s bag, which also lifts a rising floor price on all trinkets.
    • Earnings rate
      • You earn at different rates based on which trinket you have in the sleigh, so you always want your best trinket in the sleigh, except for when you are taking it back to merge it into a higher numbered trinket you will then put in the sleigh. If no trinket is in the sleigh the game does not have any earnings.
        • Trinket 1 is Finn, who earns 5 per second.
        • Trinket 2 is Blossom, who earns 10 per second.
        • Trinket 3 is Darwin, who earns 20 per second.
        • Trinket 4 is Panda, who earns 40 per second.
        • Trinket 5 is Ben, who earns 90 per second.
        • Trinket 6 is Bubbles, who earns 180 per second.
        • Trinket 7 is Starfire, who earns 380 per second.
        • Trinket 8 is Grizz, who earns 800 per second.
        • Trinket 9 is Jake, who earns 1,660 per second.
        • Trinket 10 is Gumball, who earns 3,500 per second.
        • Trinket 11 is Buttercup, who earns 7,400 per second.
        • Trinket 12 is BMO, who earns 15,500 per second.
        • Trinket 13 is Gwen, who earns 32,700 per second.
        • Trinket 14 is Nicole, who earns 68,800 per second.
        • Trinket 15 is Ice Bear, who earns 144,800 per second.
        • Trinket 16 is Raven, who earns 304,900 per second.
        • Trinket 17 is Anais, who earns 631,800 per second.
        • Trinket 18 is Princess Bubblegum, who earns 1,350,000 per second.
        • Trinket 19 is Chloe, who earns 2,840,000 per second.
        • Trinket 20 is Robin, who earns 5,980,000 per second.
        • Trinket 21 is Beast Boy, who earns 12,610,000 per second.
        • Trinket 22 is Charlie, who earns 26,540,000 per second.
        • Trinket 23 is Richard, who earns 55,870,000 per second.
        • Trinket 24 is Cyborg, who earns 117,600,000 per second.
        • Trinket 25 is Lumpy Space Princess, who earns 247,600,000 per second.
        • Trinket 26 is Finn, who earns 521,400,000 per second.
        • Trinket 27 is Blossom, who earns 1,090,000,000 per second.
        • Trinket 28 is Darwin, who earns 2,310,000,000 per second.
        • Trinket 29 is Panda, who earns 4,860,000,000 per second.
        • Trinket 30 is Ben, who earns 10,250,000,000 per second.
        • Trinket 31 is Bubbles, who earns 21,560,000,000 per second.
        • Trinket 32 is Starfire, who earns 45,390,000,000 per second.
        • Trinket 33 is Grizz, who earns 95,570,000,000 per second.
        • Trinket 34 is Jake, who earns 201,200,000,000 per second.
        • Trinket 35 is Gumball, who earns 423,600,000,000 per second.
        • Trinket 36 is Buttercup, who earns 891,800,000,000 per second.
        • Trinket 37 is BMO, who earns 1,870,000,000,000 per second.
        • Trinket 38 is Gwen, who earns 3,950,000,000,000 per second.
        • Trinket 39 is Nicole, who earns 8,320,000,000,000 per second.
        • Trinket 40 is Ice Bear, who earns 17,520,000,000,000 per second.
        • Trinket 41 is Raven, who earns 36,880,000,000,000 per second.
        • Trinket 42 is Anais, who earns 77,640,000,000,000 per second.
        • Trinket 43 is Princess Bubblegum, who earns 163,500,000,000,000 per second.
        • Trinket 44 is Chloe, who earns 344,200,000,000,000 per second.
        • Trinket 45 is Robin, who earns 724,500,000,000,000 per second.
        • Trinket 46 is Beast Boy, who earns 1,520,000,000,000,000 per second.
        • Trinket 47 is Charlie, who earns 3,210,000,000,000,000 per second.
        • Trinket 48 is Richard, who earns 6,750,000,000,000,000 per second.
        • Trinket 49 is Cyborg, who earns 14,230,000,000,000,000 per second.
        • Trinket 50 is Lumpy Space Princess, who earns 29,950,000,000,000,000 per second.
        • Trinket 50 can not be merged any further.
    • Sleigh bonus
      • Across the top of the sleigh there is a candy cane colored bonus bar which fills as you merge trinkets together.
      • When the bar gets full it turns yellow and you can click on it to activate the bonus mode where you earn at double the ordinary rate.
      • The status bar depletes over time, but you can help refill it to keep the bonus round going by making merges.
    • Waiting for Godat
      • This game is designed based on a geometric sequence, meaning you can make a lot of progress early and think you will beat the game quickly, only to discover that as you level up so does the game.
      • Trinkets increase in cost over time along with your earnings.
        • A random trinket from Santa’s bag which cost 100 can cost 5 million by the time you get to level 16.
        • Level 38 Gwen earns 3.95 trillion per second, but costs 101.5 quadrillion.
      • If you open another browser window this game can continue to play in the background while you work on other things, so that you have a lot of star credits saved and can make a good amount of progress in a short period of time while actively playing the game.
        • While the game autoplays in the background it earns at a slower rate than when it is directly open, so it might make sense to let the game play in active mode before bed one night & then wake up with enough to buy all trinkets while having enough left over to pay off the national debt. 😉
        • The passive earning rate is 20% of the active earning rate.
  • Target Audience
    • The game is suited for Christmas fans of all ages.
    • The game has no adult themed content.

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