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Kingdom Defense: Action RPG Castle Defense Game

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This is an action RPG castle defense game where you play an archer who shoots at hoards of enemy attackers. In addition to the regular attack you also have magic spells to attack with ice, lightning or fireballs.

  • Aim your arrow at the advancing enemies.
  • When a number of enemies appear you can use one of the magic attacks to hit many of them at once.
  • Use money earned from defeating enemies to power up your attack and castle.
  • This game requires extensive use of magic and a bit of level grinding to buy upgrades. If you want a simpler pure shooting game on a flat 2D layout check out Base Defense.





Play Kingdom Defense Action RPG Game Online

You can play this action RPG base defense game online by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively you can play this game as a web application here.

Kingdom Defense Base Defense Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Defend the castle while killing approaching enemies on each stage.

  • Starting the Game
    • Click on the play game button. This will bring up the level select button.
      • Each level must be beat to unlock the next.
      • If it is your first play you must click on the first castle highlighted in orange.
      • Your game play data (including which castles you have beat, your treasures, and your power ups) is automatically stored in your web browser.
      • You can go back and play levels you have already beat.
  • Game Controls
    • Use your mouse to point your arrows at approaching enemies.
    • In the lower left corner there are buttons for shooting faster and speeding up your player.
    • In the lower right corners are magic buttons for ice, lightning and fireballs. Once you click on them you have to click again to aim where you want to use them.
    • There is a pause button in the upper right corner.
  • Treasure
    • You earn money for killing enemies.
    • The upper left corner of the game shows how many coins you have.
    • Even if you lose the level you keep whatever money you have.
    • Money can be used to upgrade the following
      • arrows – 6 levels
      • freeze – 5 levels
      • fire – 5 levels
      • lightning – 5 levels
      • fortress – 4 levels
      • archers (up to 3 archers) – 3 levels
  • Status
    • The bar in the bottom center part of the screen shows your castle health.
    • The bar in the top center part of the screen shows what percent of the enemies from this level you have killed so far.
    • The bar in the top right corner shows how much time you have left to shoot faster arrows.
  • Strategy
    • Aim your cursor at enemies while leading their movement slightly.
      • In the lower left corner there is a
    • Attacking many enemies
      • If many enemies appear on the screen at once use a variety of your magical attacks repeatedly to thin them out.
      • The ground blinks when you have a magic power selected and turns a solid color after you have used it.
      • The ice appears in a small position almost immediately.
      • The lightning attacks a fairly large cross section and appears almost instantly. If you aim in the vertical center it can hit almost top to bottom along with to the left and right a bit.
      • The fireballs attack a vertical line and take a bit longer to appear. You have to shoot this near the castle or really lead the enemies quite a bit because it takes a while to fall.
      • After you use magic it takes time to recharge before you can use it again.
    • Attacking bosses
      • It is important to hit them as soon as they come into the screen so you do a lot of damage before they get close to you.
      • From the top status bar you can see when you are approaching the final wave and get more aggressive with constantly using power ups near the far edge of the screen.
  • Upgrades
    • Enemies get progressively harder as you work your way through the game.
    • If you beat a level or lose in a level go to the “ability” menu and upgrade your attacks.

Kingdom Defense Player Guidebook of Enemies

This game comes with an in-game guidebook. We’ve also published enemy stats in the table below.

Enemy Health Speed Attack Armor Level Coins
Goblin Warrior 160 medium 1% none 1 20
Goblin Flying Bomber 150 fast 3% none 2 25
Goblin Hog Rider 200 fast 2% none 3 30
Goblin Archer 120 medium 1% none 4 15
Goblin Shaman 160 medium 3% medium 5 40
Goblin Cyclops – Boss 500 slow 10% hard 6 1,000
Zombie 100 medium 1% low 7 15
Zombie with Hat 100 medium 1% low 8 20
Zombie with Pan 100 medium 1% medium 9 25
Big Zombie 200 medium 2% low 10 50
Big Zombiee with Bucket 200 medium 2% low 11 60
Big Zombie – Boss 400 slow 15% hard 12 1,500
Light Brown Fly 100 fast 1% none 13 25
Orange Fly 100 fast 1% none 14 25
Green Cyclopes 100 fast 1% none 15 25
Teal Blue Fly 100 fast 1% none 16 25
Green Fly 100 fast 1% none 17 25
Olive Fly 100 fast 1% none 18 25
Reddish Orange Fly 100 fast 1% none 19 25
Brown & Black Fly 100 fast 1% none 20 25
Gray Fly 100 fast 1% none 21 25
Olive and Green Fly 100 fast 1% none 22 25
Skeleton Warrirors (two swords with helmet horns turned down) 100 medium 1% none 23 15
Skeleton Warrior (one sword with helmet horns turned up) 120 medium 2% none 24 20
Skeleton Bat Sword 100 fast 1% none 25 25
Skeleton Onager 200 medium 5% none 26 40
Skeleton Shield Man 200 medium 4% low 27 60
Skeleton Bomber 180 medium 4% none 28 80
Skeleton Hog Rider 150 fast 3% none 29 90
Skeleton Spear Man 180 medium 3% low 30 60
Skeleton Witch 160 medium 4% medium 31 120
Skeleton Giant 300 slow 5% medium 32 140
Skeleton Archer 100 medium 2% low 33 60
Skeleton Bat Bomb 100 fast 2% none 34 60
Skeleton Dead Witch (grim reaper) 200 fast 5% hard 35 100
Skeleton Yeti – Boss 300 slow 8% slow 36 2,000
Skeleton Stone – Boss (with viking helmet) 600 slow 20% hard 37 3,000
Skeleton Dragon – Boss 700 slow 25% hard 38 3,000
Skeleton Big – Boss (on elephant) 700 slow 30% hard 39 3,500

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Kingdom Defense Game Screenshots

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Kingdom Defense Game Screenshot.
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Mobile Friendly Cross Browser Support

This game is rendered in mobile-friendly HTML5, so it offers cross-device gameplay. You can play it on mobile devices like Apple iPhones, Google Android powered cell phones from manufactures like Samsung, tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire, laptops, and Windows-powered desktop computers. All game files are stored locally in your web browser cache. This game works in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other modern web browsers.

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2 comments on "Kingdom Defense: Action RPG Castle Defense Game"

  • Joey says:

    This tower defense game is much harder than it looks. Your goal is much like any other medieval tower defense. As an archer, protect a castle from a besieging army of orcs. Clicking on any spot on the map lets you fire arrows precisely on that spot. You receive three different spells and two different speed power ups to help you through the game. Each level is unlocked in order.

    On your own, you will have a hard time getting through the levels. You must keep clicking to ensure that your enemies remain in the line of fire. Meanwhile, you must wait for the powerups to cool down before you can use them again. Fortunately, you can ease the process by buying upgrades. These will help bolster your defenses

    This is a tower defense game for those with patience and quick reflexes. Do expect a bit of level-grinding, though. You might need to spend more time replaying the lower levels to earn enough coins for upgrades.

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