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UniKitty Rainbow Rage Match 3 Game

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This is a battle game where you play as UniKitty and friends. As you complete matches of 3 or more in a row you attack the enemy and power up your team members for special attacks. This is a match-three game which was inspired by the Candy Crush Sage or Bejeweled series.

  • Slide pieces to make rows or columns of 3 or more in a row.
  • When the power meters of friend in your battle group are full click on them to have them join the battle with a power attack.
  • Take advantage of stars, pizza slices and rainbows when they appear on the board to accelerate your attack.





Play UniKitty Rainbow Rage Battle Game Online

You can play this free online match 3 items game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively children and adults can play this 3 in a row game online as a web application here.

UniKitty Rainbow Rage Connect 3 Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Select and swap pieces in the playing field to make 3 or more in a row.

  • Starting the Game
    • Click on the blue button with the pink arrow at the bottom of the screen to start the game.
    • This will bring up the level select screen.
      • The game has 55 levels & you must beat each level to unlock subsequent levels.
      • The first couple levels have interactive “how to” features.
  • Game Controls
    • Playing
      • Select pieces to swap with adjacent pieces to complete vertical or horizontal lines of 3 or more in a row.
        • Making lines can create chain reactions as other pieces fall to make additional lines.
        • As you make lines and attack the dark lord their health meter falls. The dark lord attacks UniKitty periodically, so playing quickly in ways where you get combos increases your chance of winning and score if you do win.
      • Special pieces
        • Pizza slices allow you to hit any cell left or right of them to wipe out that row.
        • Stars allow you to hit any cell above or below them to wipe out that column.
        • Clouds allow you to select any neighboring piece to wipe all pieces of that type from the playing field.
      • Power Attacks
        • UniKitty has an attack power meter driven by combining hearts. She power attacks whenever the meter is full.
        • As you play through the game you unlock other characters which appear at the bottom of the screen & then upgrades to those characters. Each of these characters can join the battle when their power meters are full, though you have to click on them to get them to join the battle when the power meter is full.
          • Dr. Fox is powered by yellow sun.
          • Prince Puppycorn is powered by blue diamonds.
          • Hawkodile is powered by green lightning bolts.
          • Richard is powered by purple exclamation points.
          • The power meter is shown as a circle surrounding each character & the character glows and sparkles when you can select them to join the battle.
    • Scoring
      • You score points by making lines.
        • Initially each line of 3 is 60 points. Longer lines, or lines which are made as part of a combo are worth more points.
        • When your characters conduct special attacks you do not score points directly from those, they do however lower your opponent’s health & at the end of the level your remaining health adds to your score.
      • On each level you are graded from 0 to 3 stars depending on how many points you get.
        • You must beat each level to unlock subsequent levels, though you can unlock further levels with a one-star rating.
        • If you do not get any stars you have to replay the level until you score at least a one-star rating.
        • If you score fewer than three stars you can replay the level again to try to obtain a higher score.
      • When your opponent is out of energy UniKitty converts her remaining life into throwing special pieces onto the board, which then blow up.
        • If you beat the level quickly this will be your primary source of points ad a score of x thousand can easily go into the 10,000 to 30,000 range.
        • While the game is not timed, beating your opponent faster means you have more power remaining when the game ends, so be sure to use the pause button if you need to take a break.
      • You can score more points by making multiple lines at once or making longer lines.
    • Mouse
      • Click on the piece from the playing field you want to move and drag it to the location you want to move it to. You may move pieces up, down, left or right one square, though you may not move them diagonally.
      • When other members of your team are fully powered click on them to have them join the battle with a special attack.
    • Touchscreen
      • Use your finger like a mouse & tap on the pieces you want to move and drag them to the squares you want to move pieces to.
  • Strategy
    • Combos
      • When you move pieces in such a way that you make multiple lines at once or a quick chain reaction of lines that scores additional points & also causes the power pieces to lay on the field.
      • In general it is better to make connections near the bottom of the playing field as that will mean there are more squares above it for other pieces to make connections as new pieces fall into the playing field.
    • Power Ups
      • Earning Power Ups
        • You get pizza or star power ups whenever you make 4 in a row. If the 4 are horizontal you get a pizza and if the 4 are vertical you get a star.
        • You get a cloud power pup whenever you make 5 in a row.
      • When the pizza, star or cloud appear on the playing field you can move them to significantly alter the playing field.
        • Pizza destroys the row it is in. You can move the pizza in any direction to activate it. If you move it up or down then it will destroy that adjacent row rather than the row it was originally in.
        • Star destroys the column it is in. You can move the star in any direction to activate it. If you move it left or right then it will destroy that adjacent column rather than the column it was originally in.
        • Cloud allows you to select an adjacent piece and wipe out all of that piece type (sun, lightning bolt, heart, diamond or exclamation point) from the playing field.
      • Fighting to win vs scoring points
        • If you have low power or the battle is close then you would likely want to use your power attacks as frequently as you can. If your team members are at full power or close to full power use their special attacks before using the power up moves so that the power up helps to refill their special attack power again.
        • If you have way more power than the dark lord you are fighting then it makes sense to not use your power attacks so that you instead take his power by making more rows and columns in the playing field. When your characters use power attacks it takes a lot of health off the dark lord but does not score points directly.
        • Through the first 40 or so levels you can battle mostly to score a high score, but when you get above level 50 you have to use your team’s special attacks whenever you can in order to stay in the battle and drain the dark lord’s health before they drain yours.
      • If you have multiple power ups in close proximity try to use them in a way that allows you to make the most of their powers rather than having one waste the next by duplicating it. For example, if you have 2 stars in the same column you could move one of them left or right so it destroys the column next to it first and then you can still use the second star.

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UniKitty Rainbow Rage Match 3 Game
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UniKitty Rainbow Rage Connect 3 Game Screenshots

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2 comments on "UniKitty Rainbow Rage Match 3 Game"

  • Joey says:

    This game plays like a cross between Bejeweled and a beat-em-up. Match three or more tiles in a row to power up Unikitty’s attacks against the Dark Lords. Your strategy should involve arranging chain reactions of several rows forming at once. This way, Unikitty’s attacks charge up faster. You can also use combinations of tiles to unlock extra characters. They will help you beat the Dark Lords faster. Work fast, though, as the Dark Lords themselves will attack. The further into the game you are, the more relentless they become.

    The game has 55 levels and gets harder once you reach level 10. It’s a lot more fast-paced than standard tile matching games because of the battle element. You must think on your feet and work fast. It’s a very addictive game that combines the appeal of both genres.

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