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Boxing Stars Game

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This is a cute & simple 2D boxing video game.

  • Block your opponent’s punches.
  • Hit your opponent with regular punches or charge up combo attacks.
  • Use your fight purse money to upgrade your fighter attributes and fight stronger opponents so you can advance through tournaments and win the championship.





Play Boxing Stars Game Online

Children and parents can play this boxing game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this arcade boxing video game for free as a web application here.

Boxing Stars Arcade Shooter Game for Kids Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Block your opponent’s punches and hit them back. End the one-round one-minute fights with more points or knock them out to win the round and advance.

  • Starting the Game
    • Select the play button in the bottom center of the game loading screen.
      • This will bright up the fighter select and upgrade screen.
        • You can use the arrows next to the fighter to scroll through fighters.
        • Your purse savings can be used to upgrade power, defense, health or regeneration.
        • Select the FIGHT button at the bottom of the screen to start your fight.
      • Clicking the FIGHT button will bring up the fight type screen.
        • Underground is unlocked by default.
        • You can unlock club mode by paying $300.
        • Tournament mode is locked until after you unlock club mode.
        • Championship mode allows you to play one chance.
    • The game loading screen has the following buttons
      • full screen mode – top left
      • sound control – top right
      • game information – bottom left
      • language select – bottom right
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Use the left and right arrow keys to move left or right.
      • A is your knockdown punch, which has the possibility of knocking down your opponent.
      • S blocks enemy attacks. Blocks will be more successful at a higher level of defense.
      • D is your knockback punch, which has the possibility of pushing back your opponent.
      • If you tap punch once you do a regular punch, whereas if you hold it in you charge up a combo attack.
        • The combo meter is shown in white near the top of the screen.
        • You can not move left or right when you have your combo charged up.
        • If you want to remove your combo charge without punching then press S to block.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • Use the on screen controls. The A, B & C buttons are in the lower left corner & the left and right movement buttons are in the lower right corner.
      • A is your knockdown punch, which has the possibility of knocking down your opponent.
      • B blocks enemy attacks. Blocks will be more successful at a higher level of defense.
      • C is your knockback punch, which has the possibility of pushing back your opponent.
      • Tap either punch button to do a regular punch, or hold them in to charge up a combo attack.
    • The corners of the game have control buttons.
      • full screen mode is in the upper left
      • sound control is in the upper right
      • pause is in the lower right
  • Game Play
    • When the fight begins you are the fighter on the right and your indicators are on the top right. Your opponent’s indicators are on the top left.
    • Indicators
      • Across the top of the screen there are two indicator bars for each fighter.
        • The top bar is your health.
        • The bottom bar is your stamina.
        • If your stamina is low you can block or move backward for a while to evade getting hit or wasting energy on punches which may not land.
      • Each fight is a single round.
        • Rounds last 1 minute.
        • At the top center it shows how many seconds remain in the fight.
      • Your score is shown at the bottom right below the indicator bars & the score of your opponent is shown at the bottom left below their indicator bars.
        • If a player loses all of their health then they are knocked out and lose.
        • If no player is knocked out then the winner of the fight is whoever has more points at the end of the round.
        • If both players have the same number of points you win so long as you have more health.
    • Earnings
      • If you win a fight you win prize money, which starts at $25 on underground and goes up from there on higher fight levels.
      • Each punch you land is worth $1.
      • Each hit you block is worth $2.
      • Combos landed are worth $5 each.
      • Knockdowns are worth $10 each.
        • If you knock out a fighter that does not count as a knockdown.
        • Only the prior knockdown earn prize money.
      • If you lose a fight you do not earn money from hits landed. You only earn any baseline purse fight money, money for hits blocked & combos landed.
    • Upgrades
      • Power – more powerful attacks
      • Defense – better blocking of attacks
      • Health – more body resistance
      • Regeneration – faster energy regeneration
      • Each time you upgrade an attribute the next upgrade for that attribute costs $50 more.
    • Fight modes
      • Underground fights are unscored.
        • You win a $25 purse and the other money scheduled listed above when you win a fight.
      • The Club mode costs $300 to unlock.
        • You win $40 if you lose a fight & $50 if you win a fight, along with the above earning schedule.
        • In Club mode you have to win 10 times to win the trophy in the first season.
        • Winning the Club trophy unlocks the Tournament mode.
        • If you lose a fight you get to fight again and are not sent down to the prior fight – you simply repeat the same fight again.
        • The Club trophy is worth $500.
      • The Tournament mode is unlocked when you obtain the first Club trophy.
        • You have to win 30 fights to obtain the Tournament trophy.
        • When you lose a fight you are given $160 as the baseline prize money & when you win you earn $100.
        • If you lose a fight you get to fight again and are not sent down to the prior fight – you simply repeat the fight.
        • The Tournament trophy is worth $5,000.
      • You can play the Championship mode whenever you like, however it states “one chance only.”
        • You have to win 10 fights to win the Championship trophy.
        • The Championship trophy is worth $20,000.
        • If you play through and obtain multiple trophies then each additional trophy is worth $20,000.
        • When you lose a fight in championship mode you score $800 for fight purse money, but it locks that game mode for 1 hour.
    • Strategy
      • All fighters you face are roughly the same. Each fighter does not have distinct special moves like on Super Punch Out.
      • Fighters are more difficult across classes, but are roughly the same difficulty level within classes.
      • Try to land a strong combo at the start of the fight.
      • Keep moving toward your opponent and periodically jab.
      • When your opponent has a power punch fully powered up press the block button.
      • If you have a big block you can fight with the default of starting with blocks and then only punching as counters.
      • If the timer is running down and you are in the lead you can press the back button to keep backing away and milk the clock.
  • Target Audience
    • People of all ages who like boxing games should like this game.
      • This game has a cartoon aesthetic and does not have any blood in it.
    • The game has no adult content.

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Boxing Stars Game
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