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Bow and Angle Educational Geometry Game

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This is an educational game that teaches the basics of angles in the context of archery. Choose a hero among 4 archetypes and start shooting. May the angles be ever in your favor.

  • Choose between 4 archer heroes.
  • Fight a wave of archer ninjas by avoiding their shots and shooting at the correct angle.
  • Hit flying targets unaided.





Play Bow and Angle Game Online

Children and parents can play this online angle learning game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this educational protractor angles video game for free as a web application here.

Bow and Angle Video Game for Kids Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Fire arrows based on an angle. Dodge enemy arrows by inputting their angle on a calculator.

  • Starting the Game
    • Select the yellow play button on the game loading screen to open the welcome screen.
    • On the welcome screen, select the green and yellow play button in the center right of the screen.
    • Pick from one of 3 game modes:
      • Tutorial
      • Adventure
      • Free Play
    • Initially only the tutorial mode is available until you play through it.
    • You must play through the adventure mode to unlock free play mode.
    • Your web browser automatically saves your best scores.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • With your mouse, left click and drag to aim, then release to fire.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • Tap the screen with your fingers and drag to aim. Release to fire.
  • Game Play
    • Basics
      • Hold down and move the cursor around to aim.
        • The further you select and drag from your hero, the easier it is to aim.
        • Use the protractor as a guide.
      • Release to fire the arrow.
      • Select the sound button on the upper left corner to toggle the game’s audio.
      • Use the list button on the upper right corner to pause the game.
    • Game Modes
      • Tutorial
        • The tutorial mode starts with a slideshow describing how angles work. This covers the definition of angles, how angles are measured, and the types of angles.
          • Vertex: An angle is the space between two intersecting lines or rays. The common endpoint or intersection of the rays is called the vertex.
          • Protractor: Angles are usually measured by degrees. You can measure angles with a protractor.
          • Protractor Scales: A protractor has an inner scale and an outer scale, but they run in opposite directions. Use the inner scale if the angle opens to the right of the protractor. Use the outer scale if the angle opens to the left of the protractor.
        • The game will then ask you to shoot 6 arrows meeting the definition of all the many types of angles.
        • Complete the tutorial by hitting each target associated with an angle type.
          • There are 6 different types of angles: acute, right, obtuse, straight, reflex, and full.
          • Acute angles: Acute angles are less than 90 degrees.
          • Right angles: A right angle is exactly 90 degrees, leading to perpendicular lines.
          • Obtuse angles: An obtuse angle is greater than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees.
          • Straight angles: A straight angle is exactly 180 degrees, with both rays or lines appearing to join as a single line heading in opposite directions.
          • Reflex angles: A reflex angle is an angle which is greater than 180 degrees but less than 360 degrees. To measure a reflex angle with a protractor you would flip the protractor over and then add 180 degrees to the reading.
          • Full angles: A full angle is exactly 360 degrees, which has both lines or rays on top of each other.
      • Adventure
        • Interface:
          • View your progress and remaining lives at the top center corner of the screen
            • Your progress is shown as 3 sets of 6 dots. Each pair of dots represents a round of arrows you shoot, then arrows you dodge.
            • Your lives are shown as 3 Xs.
        • Play through 3 levels comprising 3 rounds each.
          • After you complete each level, the time of day changes from daytime, to sunset, to nighttime.
        • Each round consists of an attack and defense
          • Attack mode:
            • Fire the arrow in the angle of the enemy.
            • Always line up the angle based on the the direction where your enemy appears.
              • e.g. if your enemy appears to the left and the number of the protractor says 120 degrees, line up to the 120 that appears on the left side of the protractor.
              • If you are unsure which number set to use, ask yourself if the angle is greater or less than a right angle, then use the number which is above 90 degrees for a larger angle or the number that is below 90 degrees for a smaller number.
          • Defense mode
            • Flee from the arrows summoned by your enemies.
              • A calculator will appear in the lower left or right corner of your screen.
              • Input the angle of the incoming arrow to dodge it.
              • The arrow makes it almost all the way to you quickly and then slows down at the end to give you time to enter the angle. This can create a false sense of urgency and lead to errors if you rush your answer.
            • The protractor will highlight the size of the angle shown from the protractor.
            • If you are unsure which number set to use, ask yourself if the angle is greater or less than a right angle, then use the number which is above 90 degrees for a larger angle or the number that is below 90 degrees for a smaller number.
            • As a quick rule of thumb you can use the 10 markers and then add or subtract up to 5 from each to have quick precision.
        • You have 3 lives.
          • Each time you get hit or miss a shot, you lose one life.
          • The game ends when you lose all of your lives or when you complete the round of 18.
          • You have the option to start again from where you last left off.
        • Complete Adventure mode to unlock Free play mode.
      • Free play
        • There is no protractor in this mode.
        • Hit as many of the flying targets as you can within 118 seconds.
        • Don’t hit the birdies.
        • Scoring
          • Regular targets net you 100 points.
          • Smaller, golden targets are worth 300 points.
          • Birds will make you lose 300 points.
        • You can hit multiple targets with a single shot if they are lined up correctly.
          • Hitting two targets with a single arrow creates a multiplier effect.
            • Two golden targets would have the second target worth 600 instead of 300.
            • Three regular targets would have the third target worth 300 instead of 100.
            • The combo multiplier works across target types. If you hit a gold target then a regular target with a single shot the regular target will be worth 200 instead of 100.
          • It takes a second to reload after every shot, so it is best to primarily aim for the 300 point targets when they appear, or to try to make combo hits.
        • Which targets to hit
          • The closer a target is to vertically above you the easier it is to hit as there is less distance to travel to get to it.
          • Slower moving targets are also easier to hit than faster moving targets.
          • Be carful not to aim for low value targets which also have a bird in your shot’s flight path or you could earn negative points.
          • Targets which are near the edge of the screen have a much greater chance of error since the angle is harder to estimate.
    • Available characters
      • Locksley: An outlaw hero of old.
      • Arrowyn: An elfish heroine from the pages of high fantasy.
      • Bushido: A samurai archer who fights with precision.
      • Mockingbird: A charismatic rebel heroine.
  • Target Audience
    • The game is suited for students learning about angles and using protractors.
    • The game has no adult content.

Real Archers in Action

Because arrows fly in arcs rather than straight lines, the process of calculating their angles is more complex in real life. Watch how the pros do it.

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Mobile Friendly Cross Browser Support

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