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Zombie Killer Game

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A zombie apocalypse has taken over the city. As an armed vigilante, it falls on you to fend off the hordes of undead across town. Shoot down or cut up zombies various missions.

  • Play through 5 different zombie-slaughtering missions across town.
  • Use your weapons or the environment to take out hordes of zombies.
  • Take the cash you collected and use it to buy character and weapon upgrades.





Play Zombie Killer Game Online

Children and parents can play this zombie fighting game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this zombie invasion fighter video game for free as a web application here.

Zombie Killer Game for Kids Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Play through several missions. Fight zombies, collect coins, and upgrade your player character.

  • Starting the Game
    • Wait for the game to load. The welcome screen automatically leads to the main menu.
    • Choose a mission to begin.
    • Your web browser automatically saves your progress.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Keyboard
        • Use the arrow keys or the W, A, S, and D keys to move.
        • Press the space bar to attack with your melee weapon.
        • Press the F key to shoot whichever gun you have equipped.
        • Press the Q key to switch guns if you have more than one unlocked.
        • Press the G key to throw grenades.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • There is an onscreen joystick in the lower left corner.
      • The lower right corner of the game has buttons for knife attack, gun attack, and grenade.
      • You can switch between guns by tapping on their icons at the top of the screen.
      • The controls on mobile work well, but the game is far easier on desktop.
  • Game Play
    • Main menu
      • Top
        • The game’s options are accessible on the top right corner.
        • On the top left corner is the enlarge button. Use this to switch between windowed and full screen modes.
        • Next to the enlarge button is a counter that shows how much money you have.
      • Main
        • The game’s menu is styled after a map of a city that has been invaded by zombies,
        • The map’s art style provides some
        • The levels appear as colored markers strewn across the city.
      • Bottom
        • At the bottom left corner is a to-do list outlining the types of zombie missions available.
        • At the bottom right is the equip button and an image of your current player character.
    • Game interface
      • The number of bullets you have left are shown on the top center.
      • Your level goals are shown on the upper left corner.
      • Your grenade’s cooldown icon is shown on the bottom right corner.
    • Basic
      • Kill the zombies before they kill you.
        • You have 3 ways to kill a zombie:
          • Shoot them: Shooting pushes a zombie back while damaging them.
            • However, you start with a limited number of bullets (20).
            • Replenish your bullets often.
          • Hack them: When a zombie is close, use your machete to attack them.
          • Blow them up: You can use your one grenade or shoot barrels of oil to cause a zombie-clearing explosion.
            • It takes a few seconds to get another grenade, so use them sparingly.
            • The grenade icon in the lower right corner of the game shows you how recharged the feature is.
        • Each zombie takes a few shots to kill. There are two exception to that:
          • Zombies which are hit bombs & grenades which can blow up many zombies at once.
          • Bosses can take many more hits.
      • Collect coins and other items
        • Each time you kill a zombie, it drops a few items
          • Coins allow you to buy things in the shop. They also let you meet the quota of the collect coins levels.
          • Health packs replenish your health. You need these to survive long-term.
          • Bullet packs gives you more bullets.
        • These collectibles only remain on the ground for a little while, so be sure to pick them up fast.
        • At times, these items
      • Crack open objects for bonuses.
        • Medical kits contain health packs.
        • Ammo boxes contain more bullets.
        • Barrels of oil act like grenades. Shoot them to blow them up.
      • You only have a limited number of hit points. Replenish them by taking health packs.
        • If you get mobbed by zombies, they will deplete all your hit points and you will die.
        • You also die if you get caught in the blast radius of a grenade or oil barrel.
    • Missions
      • Zombie hunt
        • Hunt down the required number of zombies.
        • On easy this is 20, on normal this is 40, and on hard it is 60.
      • Protect the street
        • Fight off the required number of zombies while you protect the street barricade.
        • On easy this is 20, on normal this is 40, and on hard it is 60.
        • You can still beat the level even if the barricade is broken so long as you stay alive and defeat all the enemies.
        • One thing which is unique about this level is on most levels you have to pick up bullet packs, but on this level they automatically go to you most of the time.
      • Collect coins
        • Collect the required number of coins to clear the level.
        • On easy this is 500, on normal this is 1000, and on hard it is 1500.
      • Stay alive
        • Survive until the timer ends.
        • On easy this is 1 minute, on medium this is 90 seconds, and on hard this is 2 minutes.
      • Kill zombie boss
        • Take out the boss to clear the level.
        • There are many minion on the boss and the number of minion increases on more difficult levels.
    • Mission levels
      • This game has dozens of levels consisting of 5 zones each with a zone matching each of the above mission types. We played the game for about a day straight & well into the 30s meaning there are well over 150 stages to play through when you count 5 stages per level.
      • There are 3 difficulty ratings in the game.
        • Easy
        • Normal
        • Hard
      • Try to stagger your approach through the levels so that you can use easy or normal levels to power up your ammo and ensure you go into the harder battles with plenty of ammo.
    • Shop mode
      • Select the equip button on the main menu to open shop mode.
        • Hero upgrades
          • You can upgrade player level (which controls attack speed & melee damage) along with attack strength, health, speed, and defense.
          • Each of the above attributes is upgraded separately & is upgraded on a per-hero basis.
        • Weapon upgrades
          • You start the game with a knife and get a pistol early in the game, but can also later unlock a shotgun, an assault rifle, a bolt rifle & a minigun.
          • For each weapon you can buy ammo or upgrade it. When you upgrade it increases both the max ammo and damage.
          • The handgun can carry up to 50 bullets. The light blue bullet packs are for the handgun.
          • The shotgun has a spreadshot feature and can carry up to 32 shots. The forest green bullet packs are for the shotgun.
          • The assault rifle shoots many shots at once and can hold up to 60 bullets. The beige bullet packs are for the assault rifle.
          • The semi-automatic rifle has a powerful shot and quick recoil. It can carry 18 bullets. The pink bullet packs are for the semi-automatic rifle.
          • The machine gun can hold 250 bullets & fires many at a time. The purple bullet packs are for the machine gun.
          • If you run over an ammo marker in the game and do not pick up the ammo it means that gun is already at capacity.
      • You can also use the coins to unlock other playable characters.
        • Dealer (default)
        • Policeman costs 3,000 to unlock
        • Sherriff costs 5,000 to unlock
        • Samurai costs 7,000 to unlock
        • Agent costs 11,000 to unlock
        • Each character can be upgraded 5 times.
          • The dealer costs 300 per upgrade.
          • Each other core character upgrade round costs 20% of the unlock cost.
          • The basic character upgrades increase attack speed and melee damage.
          • Each character can also have their attack strength, health, speed, and defense upgraded 5 times each.
    • General tips
      • Shoot sparingly
        • Make sure that you start shooting when the zombies are in range.
        • Never shoot more than you have to unless you’re in a swarm of zombies.
        • If you have multiple guns unlocked try to shoot your most basic gun early until enemies start to swarm heavily then equip a more powerful gun.
      • Upgrade order
        • Most characters are quite similar with the exception of the samurai being exceptional at melee battle.
        • You can only equip one hero at a time, but you can take 5 different guns into battle, so it makes sense to fully power up the first hero & all the weapons before powering up any other heroes.
      • Interactive environment
        • Hack at the health and ammo boxes to make them easier to open when you need them.
        • Do not open the ammo boxes or first aid kits unless you can use them, as the tokens that offer ammo or restore health eventually go away, but they do not do so as long as they remain locked away in their cases.
        • The zombies are somewhat dumb, so sometimes you can get them stuck on an ammo box or a toilet or an explosive drum.
        • You can destroy the toilets and drums, but stand far away from the drums and attack them with a bullet or a grenade so a drum blowing up does not blow you up.
      • Zombie strategy
        • Don’t let the zombies get too close unless you have near full health and want to do a melee hand to hand combat with one zombie at a time.
        • If you have many zombies on one side then equip a high power gun or throw a grenade and walk backward for a bit.
        • If you have many zombies on one side and one zombie on the other then try to go around the side with only one zombie and then shoot through it on to the rest of the hoard.
        • You can generally run through a wave of zombies so long as you stay in constant motion and have your speed attribute fully upgraded.
        • Move so that zombies are to your side(s) but not above or below you, as your guns shoot horizontally across the screen.
      • Boss battles
        • On the boss battles you can hit him a couple times at least after he misses one of his special moves, but should generally avoid hand to hand combat with him.
        • If you shoot from afar you can hit him 6 or 7 times before he will do one of his two special moves. Evade that and then shoot again.
      • Collecting items
        • Try to collect coins, health, and ammunition icons as they appear.
        • Ammo is specific to each gun type.
  • Target Audience
    • The game is suited for zombie fighter game fans of all ages.
      • The game does have light blood and guns though the design is somewhat cartoonish.
    • Other than the above the game has no adult themed content.

Hero Attributes

General upgrade expenses

  • Health upgrades cost 500 per round per character for a total cost of 2,500 per character.
  • Attack upgrades cost 1,200 per round per character for a total cost of 6,000 per character.
  • Defense upgrades cost 700 per round per character for a total cost of 3,500 per character.
  • Speed upgrades cost 900 per round per character for a total of 4,500 per character.

Individual Character Attributes

The following table highlights the fighting and defensive attributes for each of the heroes.

Hero Dealer Policeman Sheriff Samurai Agent
Unlock Cost Free 3000 5000 7000 11000
Upgrade Cost 300 600 1000 1400 2200
Total Upgrade Cost 1500 3000 5000 7000 11000
All In Cost 1500 6000 10000 14000 22000
Minimum Damage 25 20 15 35 30
Damage Upgrade 5 4 3 20 6
Max Damage 50 40 30 70 60
Initial Attack Cooldown 625 650 600 575 625
Cooldown Upgrade 20 20 20 20 20
Fastest Cooldown 525 550 500 475 525
Minimum Attack 30 30 40 10 60
Attack Upgrade 6 6 8 4 8
Maximum Attack 60 60 80 30 100
Initial Health 100 100 100 100 100
Health Upgrade 30 30 30 60 20
Max Health 250 250 250 400 200
Initial Speed 350 250 300 250 400
Speed Upgrade 50 50 50 50 50
Max Speed 600 500 550 500 650
Initial Defense 10 30 10 40 20
Defense Upgrade 4 6 6 12 4
Max Defense 30 60 40 100 40

Weapon Attributes

The following table highlights the features of in-game weapons before and after upgrading them.

Gun Type Pistol Shotgun Assault Rifle Bolt Rifle Minigun
Unlock Cost free 3000 6000 9000 13000
Upgrade Cost 750 1200 3000 4000 7500
Total Upgrade Cost 3750 6000 15000 20000 37500
Total Cost (w/o Ammo) 3750 9000 21000 29000 50500
Initial Damage 25 50 35 80 15
Damage Upgrade 5 10 6 4 3
Max Damage 50 100 65 100 30
Initial Cooldown 410 830 625 500 830
Cooldown Upgrade 20 40 20 20 40
Minimum Cooldown 310 630 525 400 630
Ammo Amount 20 12 30 8 100
Ammo Cost 100 200 300 400 700
Initial Ammo Limit 20 12 30 8 100
Ammo Limit Upgrade 6 4 6 2 30
Ammo Limit Max 50 32 60 18 250
Range 800 800 1000 1500 800
Knockback 30 60 30 80 30
Stun 80 500 100 400 100

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