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Wonder Flower

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This is a retro-themed platform game set in a post-apocalyptic urban environment. Join our heroine Sherbet as she collects the things she needs to make the titular flower grow. Call on favors from people around town to get the things you need.

  • Explore a 3-tiered post-apocalyptic city.
  • Collect the items you need via a chain of deals from everyone in town.
  • Acquire new ways to get around to make your job easier.





Play Wonder Flower Game Online

Children and parents can play this pixel platformer game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this retro platforming video game for free as a web application here.

Wonder Flower Game for Kids Video Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Do favors for the various people in town to acquire the things you need to grow the Wonder Flower.

  • Starting the Game
    • On the welcome screen are the following options:
      • Select New Game to begin if you’re playing for the first time or want to start over.
      • Select Continue to pick up where you last left off. This only appears after you’ve played the game once.
    • Your web browser automatically saves your game progress.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • General keyboard controls
        • Use the down arrow key to talk to characters and pick up items.
        • Use the left, right, and up arrow keys to move.
        • Use the z key or space bar to jump.
        • Use the z key or space bar while talking to another character to skip past lines of dialogue.
        • Use the enter key to view your inventory.
      • Powerup controls
        • Use the up and down arrow keys to climb
        • Use the down button while on top of glass to smash it.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • Although the game might load on some touchscreen devices, its controls were optimized for desktops with keyboards.
  • Game Play
    • Premise
      • Flowers no longer grow in the post-apocalyptic city inhabited by both humans and talking animals.
      • To grow flowers again, Sherbet must plant the seed of the Wonder Flower. Her cat Gelato however says she needs 3 items to help it grow.
    • Basic rules
      • The game is functionally a series of fetch quests. Retrieve various items for NPCs to find the items you need to make the Wonder Flower grow.
      • Each fetch quest is nestled. To retrieve one item, you often fulfill another request from another person.
      • In turn, you must often acquire your own
    • Basic controls
      • For the most part, you’ll need to jump and climb to get around.
        • Not every part of the city will be immediately accessible.
        • To cover more ground and more effectively reach every part of town, you need to acquire the following items:
          • Magic gloves: Use these to climb chains.
          • Spiked shoes: These let you break glass barriers.
          • Magic feather: Use this to ascend using updrafts.
        • Some parts of the city can only be reached after you acquire these items.
      • Interact with the people to learn what they need.
        • Some citizens will not provide a quest, or seem to be that way for awhile.
        • Often, citizens will give you items once you’ve fulfilled a request.
        • Other times, the quest items will be found lying around the world. Pick them up.
        • To give a citizen an item, simply interact with them again
    • Map
      • The city can be divided into 3 basic parts.
        • Groundline is your starting point and represents the lower dilapidated levels of the city.
        • The Sewers represent the under level of the city. Explore this next to find more quest chains.
        • Highloft is the affluent part of the city and is only accessible once you have the magic feather or can climb.
      • The majority of the exchanges will happen between Groundline and the Sewers.
    • Inventory
      • The inventory menu shows your inventory, powerups, and a map of the world.
      • Use the inventory to keep track of your chain of quests.
  • Walkthrough and tips (spoilers)
    • General tips
      • Interact with as many people as you can and initiate as many quest leads as you can. This will help you cut down on backtracking later down the line.
      • Pay attention to where the characters are so you’ll know where to go.
    • Recommended Quest Order
      • Fulfill Lee’s quest to get his jewelry back.
        • Lee will be the first person you meet.
        • His request chain doesn’t require any upgrades. Simply time your jumps correctly to get to the location of the items.
        • His wife’s necklace will be to the left side of the screen, whereas the ring will be just above you to the right side.
        • Getting the ring requires a lot of jumps.
        • Lee will reward you with the gloves you need to climb the chains.
      • By this time, you’d have already known of both Raphelo’s missing cheese and Bruce’s missing watch.
        • To acquire Bruce’s watch, do the following:
          • Jump and climb over several sets of chains to the right side of the screen.
          • Once you reach the platform where the watch is, pick it up, then fall back down.
          • Return to Bruce. He will immediately give you the first item you need: The bucket.
        • Raphelo’s quest is the first chain deal you must accomplish.
          • Raphelo needs cheese, which is with the rat in the sewer. Climb down to meet the rat in the sewer.
          • The rat will demand a hot dog in exchange for the cheese.
        • While in the sewer, meet up with Los, the loveless monster, and one of the snail sisters, the red snail Katherine.
          • Get the letter from Katherine.
          • Los will not give you anything for now.
        • Get the hot dog for the rat.
          • Return to the surface and run and jump toward the left side of the screen. You will need to climb and jump off chains to get there.
          • A few levels up will be a hot dog stand run by Harold. Pick up a free hot dog.
          • Return to the sewers and give the rat the hot dog.
        • Return to Raphelo with the cheese.
          • At the end of this chain, he will give you the spiked shoes, which you’ll need to break through glass.
          • He will also start making pizza. This will be critical for the next chain of quests.
      • Meet up with Phi the monster near the left side of the screen.
        • She will initiate a small chain of deals in the sewers between her and Los.
          • Send Los the rock Phi sent.
          • Send Phi an eyeball from Los.
          • Send Los Phi’s number.
        • Once Los gets Phi’s number, he’ll give you a magic feather in appreciation.
        • Interact with the Adolescent Warrior Tortoises in the sewer grate.
          • Their first request will be a hotdog, then a pizza.
          • Fulfill these quests once you finish bringing Phi and Los together. You’ll need that magic feather.
      • Fulfill Katherine’s and the tortoises’ chain.
        • Katherine’s first sister, Elaine the yellow snail, is located near where you picked up Lee’s ring. Use the updraft to take you there.
        • Her second sister, Phoebe the purple snail, is accessible through an updraft not far from Raphelo’s.
          • Phoebe will give you another letter to send to Katherine.
          • Return to the sewers to meet Katherine and give her the letter.
          • The grateful Katherine will give you a gold key.
        • Along the way, pick up a hot dog, then a pizza for the tortoises.
          • Pick up a hotdog on the way from Phi and Los.
          • Pick up the pizza on the way to Phoebe.
          • Once you finish this chain of quests, the tortoises will give you all-natural fertilizer, the second item on the list.
      • Fulfill Lureline’s request
        • Lureline is your first quest in the Highloft. She plans to give her son a packed lunch, but needs an egg to top it off.
          • Pick up the egg somewhere near the Highloft attic. Fortunately, this is right above Lureline.
          • Return to Lureline. She’ll then give you the packed lunch.
        • Meet her son Pekelo, in Groundline. You likely met him already earlier in the game.
        • Give Pekelo the finished lunch and he’ll give you another gold key.
      • Opening the gate.
        • Return to the Highloft and look for the Keymaster, a rat who guards a locked door.
        • Give the Keymaster 2 keys. Here, you can go to another attic area where they store a watering can.
        • Pick up the can and return to your starting position, then talk to Gelato.
    • Target Audience
      • The game is suited for players who like platforming games.
      • The game has no adult themed content.

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