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Ultimate Air

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This is a Disney XD crossover endless flying game. Villains from various Disney XD series have taken over a town, and its up to a legendary cyclist to bring them to heel. With help from Phineas and Ferb and various other heroes, the cyclist must travel as fast and as far as they can.

  • Design your own extreme cycling hero.
  • Collect coins to buy upgrades.
  • Summon characters to help you reach maximum speed or take out foes.





Play Ultimate Air Game Online

Children and parents can play this bicycle flying game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this bike flight video game versus the computer for free as a web application here.

Ultimate Air Bicycle Game for Kids Video Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Travel as far as you can. Collect as many coins and tokens as possible.

  • Starting the Game
    • Select the play button at the center of the welcome screen to begin.
    • Select the speaker button on the upper right corner to toggle the game’s audio.
    • Your web browser automatically saves game progress and best scores.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • With your mouse:
        • Left click to launch.
        • Left click to jump and stomp. The left click jumps while popping a wheelie.
      • With your keyboard:
        • Use the up arrow key to jump. You can repeatedly use the up arrow key to jump even while you are already in midair. The up arrow key jumps without popping a wheelie.
        • Use the left arrow key to move left.
        • Use the right arrow key to resume moving right.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • With your fingers:
        • Tap to launch.
        • Tap to jump and stomp.
  • Game Play
    • Design a skater
      • Create your player character and customize their outfit.
      • Physical appearance options:
        • 2 genders
        • 4 skintones
        • 3 hair colors
      • Outfit options:
        • 5 helmets
        • 5 hairstyles per gender
        • 5 styles of sunglasses
        • 5 colored outfits
    • Basic gameplay
      • The wind-up
        • A meter at the top center of the screen with a pointer that moves from left to right.
          • The colors of the meter represent speed. Green is the fastest while red is the slowest.
          • The pointer will move toward the green portion of the meter.
        • Left click or tap at the meter to stop it.
          • The closer it is to green, the faster your bike will go on launch.
          • You must click 3 times before launch.
          • If you maximize your speed, you will not only move faster but also have a bubble of protection you can use to stop enemies.
      • Getting around
        • You automatically start moving to the right.
          • Once you’re rolling, you must jump to avoid pits and obstacles and ascend up platforms.
          • You can also hit various boosters around the game to increase your speed temporarily.
          • While jumping, you can also stomp on enemies that appear.
        • Collect coins and tokens.
        • Get as far as you can without crashing or falling.
      • Collectibles
        • There are 2 main types of collectible in the game.
          • Coins let you purchase various upgrades.
          • Tokens provide various bonuses to your performance:
            • Awesome tokens charge up Awesome mode and let
            • Hero tokens let you partner with a Disney XD character.
        • Collecting and spending coins
          • Besides picking them up in the track, you also get bonus coins each time you finish based on how well you perform.
          • Use the coins to unlock more hero tokens and other upgrades.
          • You can also use your coins to buy mission milestones.
        • Awesome Mode
          • Each Awesome Token charges the Awesome Mode meter on the bottom left corner.
          • It takes 5 Awesome Tokens to activate Awesome Mode.
          • When Awesome mode is on, you are invincible for a brief period.
          • Defeat enemies and collect as many coins as you can.
          • You can keep Awesome Mode charged by collecting more Awesome Tokens while still in the mode.
      • Enemies and obstacles
        • Touch an enemy and you crash.
          • To stop an enemy, you must stomp them.
          • You get a combo bonus each time you stomp on several enemies in rapid succession.
        • Obstacles are in purple. If you hit them from the sides, you crash.
        • If you hit them from the top, you can bounce off of them.
        • When charged, you can overpower the
    • Upgrades
      • Upgrades cost coins and can help improve your overall performance in the game.
      • There are several kinds of upgrades in this game:
        • Bike upgrades improve your bike and your launcher.
        • Powerups give you brief bonuses at the start of the game.
        • Hero upgrades unlock new hero tokens and improve how long the heroes stay with you in-game.
      • You can unlock new upgrades or improve existing ones.
    • Power-ups
      • Power-ups are activated at different times in the game.
      • There are 4 power-ups :
        • Randy’s ninja-balls: Enables rapid-fire if you use Crash’s token (see below).
        • Howard’s smack talk: Draw enemies away from you.
        • Oliver and Kaz’s Heal: Gain another chance after crashing. This doesn’t apply when you fall.
        • Bree’s super speed: Starts your round at 1,000 meters.
      • You must buy power ups at the end of each round to use them again.
    • Hero tokens
      • Hero tokens provide a brief in-game bonus as you go along the game.
        • Collect Hero tokens as you find them in-game.
        • Upgrade your tokens to make them more effective in-game.
        • You can have multiple Hero tokens active at the same time.
      • Featured characters
        • Lab Rats
          • Adam Davenport: Uses his laser eyes to fry enemies. Upgrades cost 750, 1900, 3500 & 6000.
          • Chase Davenport: Provides you with temporary protection. Upgrades cost 1450, 3400, 6300 & 10000.
          • Sumo: Will smash enemies for you. Upgrades cost 750, 1900, 3500 & 6000.
        • Kickin’ It
          • Jack Brewer: Kicks you and provides a temporary speed boost. Upgrades cost 150, 1000, 2600 & 5000.
          • Jerry Martinez: Kicks your on-screen enemies. Upgrades cost 1000, 2500, 4700 & 8000.
          • Milton Krupnik: Gives you a magnet to collect tokens. Upgrades cost 1300, 2800, 4700 & 7000.
        • Crash and Bernstein
          • Crash: Shoots enemies with an egg launcher. Upgrades cost 1300, 3000, 5300 & 8000.
          • Cow: Farts at your enemies. Upgrades cost 900, 2300, 4200 & 7000.
        • Animacation
          • Steve the Llama: Kicks your enemies quickly. Upgrades cost 1000, 2400, 4500 & 7000.
        • Gravity Falls
          • Mabel Pines: Rains down coins. Upgrades cost 1700, 3000, 6000 & 9000.
          • Dipper Pines: Summons Rumble McSkirmish to fight your enemies. Upgrades cost 1000, 2400, 4500 & 7000.
        • Wander Over Yonder
          • Wander: Blows bubbles that renders enemies harmless. Upgrades cost 1800, 3600, 6100 & 9000.
        • Kirby Buckets
          • Kirby Buckets: Multiplies the value of coins by 5. Upgrades cost 1710, 3700, 6500 & 10000.
        • The 7D
          • Grumpy: Smash enemies and make tokens for you. Upgrades cost 910, 2200, 4100 & 7000.
        • Star Wars: Rebels
          • C1-10P (Chopper): Fires an electric field at enemies. Upgrades cost 1690, 4700, 9100 & 15000.
        • Pen Zero: Part-Time Hero
          • Sashi Kobayashi: Uses an energy launcher at enemies for 7 seconds. Upgrades cost 1690, 4700, 8300 & 14000.
        • Star vs. the Forces of Evil
          • Star Butterfly: Turns hazards and enemies in tokens during Awesome Mode. Upgrades cost 1690, 5100, 9100 & 18000.
          • Marco Diaz: Hits enemies with his tentacle arm for 3 seconds. Upgrades cost 1580, 4400, 6800 & 15000.
    • Missions
      • Each level has 3 missions to accomplish.
      • Complete all 3 missions or pay coins to move up a level.
    • Achievements
      • My grandma has a better score: Defeat your first enemy.
      • Awesomeface: Reach Awesome Mode for the first time.
      • Zen master: Don’t grab any Awesome Tokens for 500 meters.
      • C-c-c-combo breaker: Bounce over 5 enemies in a row.
      • Awesome master: Stay in Awesome Mode for 3 minutes
      • Pacifist: Avoid attacking enemies for 1,200 meters.
      • Monster crusher: Destroy 100 cars.
      • My bike is so fly: Max out all the upgrades on your bike.
      • Go Go XD Team Go: Max out all the Disney XD characters.
      • Winner winner chicken dinner: Reach 10,000 meters in a single run.
      • Wait, hold the eggs: Jump over a Crash token.
      • Ultimate Launch-inator: Unlock the ultimate launcher.
      • Flappy bike: Crash into an object in Awesome Mode.
      • It’s a trap: Bounce into a pit.
      • All out of gum: Defeat 500 enemies.
  • Target Audience
    • The game is suited for people of all ages who like bicycle & simple games for kids.
    • The game has no adult themed content.

Mini Bosses

The game has 3 different mini bosses in it. Each boss has 3 different difficulty levels. Other enemies may appear during the battle with the third difficulty level, but do not on the first and second difficulty level.

When you defeat mini bosses they give you a bonus.

  • The first difficulty level offers 25 coins per second and drops a total of 100 coins.
  • The second difficulty level offers 30 coins per second and drops a total of 150 coins.
  • The third difficulty level offers 40 coins per second and drops a total of 200 coins.

The following table shows the stats of mini bosses which appear periodically throughout the game.

Miniboss HP Min Attack Rate Max Attack Rate Wait to Attack Total Attack Powerup Drop Chance
Gideon 1 180 3000 5000 1000 0 0%
McFist 1 180 3000 5000 5000 5000 0%
Doofenshmirtz 1 180 3500 4000 2500 7000 50%
Gideon 2 360 3000 5000 1000 0 0%
McFist 2 360 3000 5000 5000 5000 0%
Doofenshmirtz 2 360 3500 4000 2500 7000 40%
Gideon 3 480 3000 5000 1000 0 0%
McFist 3 480 3000 5000 5000 5000 0%
Doofenshmirtz_3 480 3500 4000 2500 7000 30%

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