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Mighty MagiSwords Dimensional Domination

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This is a quirky tap slashing beat em up game where you help help Prohyas Warrior fight his way through three different dimensions using 15 MagiSwords.

  • Slash left or right to attack and move in that direction.
  • Shoot upward to fire projectiles or jump attack.
  • Avoid enemy attacks & pick up health plus more powerful MagiSwords to power up your attack.
  • Beat the end level bosses across 3 fun and challenging dimensions.





Play Mighty MagiSwords Dimensional Domination Game Online

Children and parents can play this sword beat em up fighting adventure game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this clicker sword fight video game for free as a web application here.

Mighty MagiSwords Dimensional Domination Video Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Time your slash attacks to hit enemies without getting hit. Pick up in game item drops to restore health and shift to fighting with more powerful MagiSwords.

  • Starting the Game
    • Click the blue play button in the lower right corner of the game.
    • The welcome screen also contains a sound control button in the lower left corner.
    • Your web browser automatically saves your game progress including which of the 15 swords you have unlocked.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Hold you mouse left click in, drag to set your sword swing strength and angle, then release to swing.
      • Some swords also have a projectile firing feature activated in a similar way.
      • If you swing your sword hard left or right you’ll move left or right & if you swing your sword hard while also directing upward you will typically jump with most swords.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • Tap the screen and swipe to use your sword.
    • The game has a pause button in the upper left corner. Pausing the game brings up the game menu which offers the following options: go to welcome screen, music control, full screen mode, and resume play.
  • Game Play
    • Health & dying
      • You start each dimension with 5 heart containers.
      • Each time you get hit you lose a heart container.
      • If you lose all 5 you die and start at the beginning of the game, though you keep your unlocked swords.
      • Some enemies drop heart containers which you can pick up to restore health, though you can hold a maximum of 5 heart containers.
    • Levels
      • Each level has a set number of kills you must make before the boss appears in the boss battles.
        • For example, after 18 enemies are beat the first boss appears & the second boss appears after 33 enemies.
        • Bosses you beat add toward your enemies defeated count which appears in the upper right corner.
      • The boss typically takes around 5 hits to kill, though the exact number of hits depends on the sword as some are stronger than others. A boss which takes 5 hits with the pencil sword might only take 2 or 3 with the ground pound sword.
    • Enemies
      • Most enemies only take a single hit to kill, with the exception of the level-end bosses.
        • You can hit multiple enemies with a single swing. On the third level sometimes you can even get 3 or 4 in a single swing.
      • The hardest regular enemy is the green cactus ball which jumps.
        • If you do not have a range attack on your sword you have to time hitting it just right (around when it lands or when it is at the bottom of its jumping pattern).
        • Some swords like the chainsaw ae awful at fighting that enemy type. Your first goal should be to avoid getting hit and then try to align a strong attack when the timing is right.
      • Enemies typically enter the level through rips in the sky and fall directly down.
        • If an enemy appears above you and is falling then you can either try to swipe hard to one side or the other to evade it or swipe up to try to kill it.
        • In most cases it is better to try to swipe aside, get significant distance between you and the enemy, and then fight the enemy. If you initiate an attack when you are too close to an enemy you can still get hit even if you hit them.
      • Flying enemies
        • On the third level many of the enemies are UFOs. Be sure to position yourself and time your slashes so that you do not get hit by other UFOs after hitting one. Try to either have them precisely aligned above you, use a sword with a range attack that fires without you jumping, or pick them off one at a time.
      • Bosses
        • Each boss is quite unique. The first dimension has a boss who flies back and forth on a hoversword while dropping bombs on you, the second boss is a dinosaur and the third boss is a huge fist which punches down from the sky.
        • It is important to go into boss battles with full health or near full health as they are much harder than regular enemies.
        • For the first boss wait until he is above you then do a hard attack straight up.
        • For the second boss the key is to not be where he lands, hit him right after he lands, then move away again & repeat the process.
        • The third boss is similar to the second in terms of avoiding the landing, but it has 3 different ways it can hit you between directly hitting you, sending shockwaves on the ground, and electric shocks flying through the air.
    • Swords
      • This game has 15 MagiSwords available in it.
        • Initially only the pencil is available, but over time you unlock dolphin, accordion, snowball, extendo flick, exploding bubble, chainsaw, tomato, oinkus oinkus, lobster claw, cactus, excaliburger, ground pound, zombie pumpkin, and frog missile.
        • Whenever you start a new game you start back at the first level, but you keep all of your sword unlocks and can choose which one you want to start with.
        • Each sword has strengths and weaknesses.
          • The chainsaw sword allows you to dash attack a long distance, but is poor at attacking nearby enemies which are too close.
          • The zombie pumpkin sword makes it all but impossible to move, but allows you to fire seeds quickly across the screen rapidly.
          • The ground pound sword hits harder than other swords.
      • As you beat enemies some drop new swords in combat which you can pick up.
        • If you do not want a particular sword you can avoid it until it disappears after a few seconds.
        • Sometimes you accidentally pick up a sword you do not want instantly while defeating enemies.
  • Target Audience
    • The game is suited for Mighty MagiSwords fans of all ages.
    • The game has no adult themed content.

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Mobile Friendly Cross Browser Support

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