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Elliot From Earth Bug Off

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Steve is sick! Command the medi-bots to collect the nano-nits in this 42-stage base defense game.

  • Build and upgrade bases.
  • Grow your medi-bots collection faster than the nano-nits.
  • Move your medi-bots around your bases to defend them and go on attack to collect all the nano-nits.





Play Elliot From Earth Bug Off Game Online

Children and parents can play this base defense game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this base defense battle video game for free as a web application here.

Elliot From Earth Bug Off Game for Kids Video Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Help Steve get well. Build and upgrade bases and control Medi-Bot movements to help the Medi-Bots capture all the Nano-Nits on each of the 42 levels.

  • Starting the Game
    • Select the green and white slime button at the bottom center of the game’s welcome screen to start the game.
    • The welcome screen has a pause button in the upper left corner.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Use your mouse left click button to select a base. You can then choose to upgrade the base features or move half your Medi-Bots from that base to another base or to attack a Nano-Nits base.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • Tap the screen with a finger to use your finger like a mouse.
    • Controls & indicators
      • Across the bottom of the screen there is a bar which shows how many Medi-Bots you have and how many Nano-Nits are in the level. The bar changes constantly to reflect whichever player has a stronger position.
      • Each base shows how many troops are located there & has a meter bar indicator behind the count which shows how close that base is to full.
      • The level select screen shows the highest star rating you achieved on each level. At the end of each level you can click the hamburger menu button to go to the level select screen, the blue back button to replay the current level, or the orange button to play the next level.
  • Game Play
    • Moving Medi-Bots
      • Whenever you move Medi-Bots half of the amount stored at a base will move. For example, if your base had 40 Medi-Bots on it then when you move Medi-Bots you will have 20 move while 20 remain at that base.
      • You can then make a second move which would then leave that base with 10 Medi-Bots and your fighting force would go from 20 to 30.
      • You can move Medi-Bots in many directions at once from many different bases, though each individual movement will be half of the Medi-Bots from the source to the destination.
    • Upgrading bases
      • There are three types of base upgrades available: Base, Power Plant, and Turret.
        • Upgrades cost 10 or 15 Medi-Bots each.
      • By default you create a basic base on each spot you take. Bases can be upgraded twice and you can put a Turret on them.
        • Upgraded bases can hold more Medi-Bots & any upgraded base with a Turret will have a wider shooting range & shoot more rapidly than a basic base with a Turret.
        • Turrets have their range indicated by a circle around the base location.
      • Each base you control generates Medi-Bots. Power plants help all other bases regenerate new Medi-Bots faster.
    • Strategy
      • Star ratings
        • You can win up to 3 stars on each level. Star ratings are not based on how quickly you win the level, but how well you defend your starting bases.
        • Any base you started the level with which is taking by the Nano-Nits costs you a star.
        • You can replay any unlocked level at any time to try to improve your star rating on it.
      • Speed generation
        • To win this game you want to generate Medi-Bots faster than Nano-Nits are created.
        • To do this it means you want to create as many bases as you can which you can successfully defend & to build a power plant early so that your bases generate Medi-Bots faster.
          • Building new bases or upgrading bases costs you some of your troops, so be sure you have enough reserves to defend any upgraded bases & rapidly move more troops into any base which is under attack.
          • You often have to move Medi-Bots repeatedly during attack waves as the computer is programmed to attack weaker towers, so rebalancing your troops placement configuration is an ongoing battle.
      • Base configuration
        • On many levels you will have a strong side of the board while the computer has a strong side.
          • Try to place your power plant furthest away from the Nano-Nits so you have plenty of time to protect it when they try to capture it.
          • It helps to own one side or section of the board and then move out so that it takes your enemy longer for their troops to cross the chasm to attack you & so that it is easier to see and respond to attacks.
        • It often makes sense to create a turret on your base closest to the Nano-Nits and to fully upgrade that base so the turret fires quickly.
          • A fully upgraded base with a turret can thin out attacking forces within its range, even if those forces are attacking a different base location.
          • Ensure bases you upgrade heavily have plenty of troops available to defend them.
        • If a mound is not taken and has a number on it then that number indicates how many troops it takes to turn that mound into an active base.
          • You typically want to take the mounds with lower counts before the mounds with higher counts so that you create more bases more quickly.
          • Some mounds have a circle around them, which means when they are activated a turret is enabled.
      • Attacks
        • In general attacks work 1 for 1, meaning that if a group of 25 attack a group of 20 then the group of 25 will take the base tower & that tower will then have 5 troops in it.
        • If the attacking force is fewer than the force size in a base then the base will win, though its troop count will diminish.
        • The exception to the 1:1 rule is when a base has a turret, which can thin out attacking forces which enter its range.
        • Enemies will often indicate which base they are likely to attack by the path they take across the screen. If you know which base they are about to attack you can refortify it while they are in transit by moving Medi-Bots from other bases.
        • If you destroy all of the enemies bases then they lose all their Nano-Nits which are away from the base on attack.
      • Upgrade timing
        • If there are mounds with low counts on them build bases early on them so you generate more Medi-Bots faster.
        • In general it makes sense to create a power plant before doing other base upgrades like turret, so that all your bases build troops faster.
        • Most levels are straightforward where the above is true, though there are some levels where you and the enemy start off with a lot of troops right off the start & in those cases you should build a power plant immediately, then keep adjusting to their attack waves to not lose towers.
        • Level 34 is tricky in that if you try to take the center base or upgrade too soon then the enemy can overwhelm you. When your opponent goes to upgrade their base to a power plant you can take the center base and defeat them.
  • Target Audience
    • The game is suited for people who like simple base defense games.
    • The game has no adult themed content.

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