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Arthur’s Top 20

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Arthur is compiling a list of top 20 of their most memorable items to add to his scrapbook. Play several minigames themed for each of the items to add them into the top 20 collection.

  • Play through 3 difficulty levels for each minigame.
  • Unlock all 20 items.





Play Arthur’s Top 20 Game Online

Children and parents can play this minigame collection by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this video game collection for free as a web application here.

Pizza Arthur’s Top 20 Game for Kids Video Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Play through 20 minigames to acquire all of Arthur’s top 20 items for his scrapbook.

  • Starting the Game
    • To begin, select the play button on the lower right corner of the welcome screen.
      • The game will start with a cutscene explaining the concept of the game.
    • The game is narrated. The voiceover will provide you with a brief tutorial each time a minigame starts.
    • Your web browser will save your game’s progress automatically.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • With your mouse, left click to select, navigate, and drag.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • Tap the screen with your fingers and use them like a mouse.
  • Game Play
    • Basic
      • Select any one of the 20 minigames to begin.
        • You need not play the games in order.
        • Unlock all the items by playing through all 3 difficulty levels.
      • Choose the difficulty level you want to play in on the bottom row.
      • Some levels have a timer.
        • You can view the timer on the upper left corner.
        • If you aren’t finished in time, it’s game over.
      • You can return to the level selection area by selecting the home button on the upper left corner of the screen.
      • If you fail one level of the minigame, it automatically starts over.
    • Minigames
      • Bikes
        • Bike wheels will pass through the conveyor.
        • To get the wheels to the bike, open the gates of the conveyor in the proper order.
          • Select the gate to open it.
          • Each time you open one gate, you close another.
          • Respond quickly to make sure the item gets through all of the gates.
        • To complete the level, each bike present must receive both wheels.
        • The number of bikes varies with the difficulty.
          • The first level has 1 bike. The second level has 2. The third level has 3.
          • You must open the gates quickly to make sure each of the wheels reaches the bike. Act fast.
      • Stanley
        • Stitch up Stanley the teddy bear.
          • To close the torn seams, drag a line across each of the circular points.
          • Connect all the points before the timer runs out.
        • Each level increases the number of points to connect and the number of tears to patch.
          • The first level has 1 tear. The second has 2. The third has 3.
          • Look carefully to make sure you see all the seams.
      • Scare Your Pants Off books
        • As Fern, return the books to their proper place in the library shelves.
          • Fern’s library cart will pass by the empty slots on the wall.
          • Select the slot at the right moment to return the books to the shelves.
          • Select the slot only once.
          • Miss even one shelf (or click prematurely) and it’s game over.
        • Each level increases the number of shelves to restock.
      • Waldo
        • Steer Waldo the plush elephant across the field.
          • To steer select Waldo. He will go to the top and bottom rows of the screen.
          • Avoid hitting any of the floating dolls. If you hit just one, it’s game over.
      • Bionic Bunny walkie talkies
        • Match each of the walkie talkies on to the ones at the bottom row.
          • Select one walkie talkie, then drag a line to the walkie talkie that matches it.
          • You can start on either the top or bottom rows.
          • The higher the level, the more walkie talkies you need to match.
        • If you mismatch even one walkie talkie, it’s game over.
          • Pay close attention to each of the walkie talkies. Even seemingly similar ones will have subtle differences.
        • Match all the walkie talkies before time runs out.
      • Uni
        • Uni the toy unicorn is in a conveyor belt. Create a path by opening and closing gates to bring her to DW.
          • If she hits any of the gates, it’s game over.
          • Direct her toward DW and away from the garbage cans.
          • Do not let Uni fall into the garbage cans.
        • In later levels, you must bring Uni to DW several times.
          • You must bring her twice in the second level, and thrice in the third.
      • Woogles
        • As Lydia, catch the Woogles as they fall.
          • Use your mouse or fingers to move Lydia left or right.
          • The Woogles will fall from either side and bounce off a trampoline.
          • Catch them before they hit the ground.
        • If any of the Woogles hit the ground, it’s game over.
      • Moon boots
        • Line up the characters to receive the moon boots.
          • Select the character to rotate them.
          • Rotate them enough times to line up with the boots.
          • If you miss, it’s game over.
      • DW’s snowball
        • Protect DW’s snowball from the incoming suns.
          • Select the suns approach the snow to remove them.
          • The snowflakes that approach will not harm the snowball.
          • If any of the suns touch the snowball, it’s game over.
        • In later levels, more suns appear from several directions.
          • Watch out for incoming suns in faraway corners.
          • Select the suns as fast as you can to keep up.
          • Don’t let any suns get to close.
      • Yamlet
        • Match all the weird foods before time runs out.
        • Select each of the weird foods to swap them.
          • There are 4 weird food types, but each food can only be swapped for 3.
          • Swap as many times as you can until you find the common one they can all be swapped for.
          • There will be 1 food item common to all 4 slots.
      • The Dark Bunny Mobile
        • Switch lanes to avoid crashing into various obstacles.
          • To switch a lane, left click or tap anywhere on the screen.
          • If you crash, it’s game over.
      • Train puzzles
        • Assemble the train before the timer runs out.
          • The puzzle pieces are in the correct places, but in the wrong order.
          • Select the puzzle pieces to rotate them.
          • Work on each piece one at a time to correctly orient them.
        • With each level, the puzzle gains more pieces.
      • Henry Skreever books
        • As Prunella, catch all the falling Henry Skreever books.
          • With your mouse or fingers, move Prunella left or right.
          • Catch the books by staying under them as they fall.
          • Don’t miss any or it’s game over.
      • The green potato chip
        • Stop DW from eating the green chips.
          • Select the green chips to remove them. Gross.
          • The regular chips are safe to eat.
          • If any of the chips reaches DW, it’s a game over.
        • More green chips appear in later levels.
          • They can be very hard to spot, so look carefully.
          • Act fast. You don’t want them to get to close.
      • The Lucky Pencil
        • Help Brains surf the Lucky Pencil while avoiding the sharpeners.
          • Tap or left click and hold down the mouse to ascend.
          • To descend, release your click or tap.
          • If you make contact with the sharpeners, it’s game over.
      • Arthur’s glasses
        • Clean Arthur’s glasses before time runs out.
        • To clean, left click or tap, then drag.
        • Move back and forth until the gray stuff in Arthur’s glasses are gone.
      • UFOs
        • Beam up the sandwiches to the UFO.
          • To beam up the sandwiches, wait until the UFO flies under it, then left click or tap.
          • You must activate the beam only when you’re under a sandwich, or it’s game over.
        • The UFO will move back and forth. If you missed any sandwich, wait for it to come back.
        • In later levels, the game will spawn more sandwiches.
      • Wally
        • Left click or tap on all of Wally’s ties to make them match before time runs out.
          • Like with Yamlet, there are 4 ties and 3 options per tie.
          • Swap as many times as you can to know all the colors each tie could be.
          • Pick the common color on all 3 ties.
      • Sharky
        • Tie Sharky securely on the roof of the van before time runs out.
          • Match the shapes to one another to tie Sharky down.
          • To match the shapes, select a node, then drag a line to the matching shape.
          • As with the walkie talkies, you can start either from the top or the bottom.
      • Thelma the Singing Bass
        • As Thelma, collect all the musical notes.
          • To collect a note, make Thelma pass by it.
          • Left click or tap and hold to have Thelma ascend.
          • Release to descend.
        • Catch all the notes or it’s game over.
  • Target Audience
    • The game is suited for Arthur fans of all ages.
    • The game has no adult themed content.

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Arthur's Top 20 Game Welcome Screen Screenshot.
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Arthur's Top 20 Game Stanley Stage Start Screenshot.
Arthur's Top 20 Game Stanley Stage Complete Screenshot.
Arthur's Top 20 Game Stanley Completed Screenshot.
Arthur's Top 20 Game Scare Your Pants Off Books Screenshot.
Arthur's Top 20 Game Scare Your Pants Off Books Stage Start Screenshot.
Arthur's Top 20 Game Scare Your Pants Off Books Stage Complete Screenshot.
Arthur's Top 20 Game Scare Your Pants Off Books Completed Screenshot.

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