About Us

We like the Internet, the Outernet, the Extranet, and memes.

If this game spreads we have dozens more in the pipeline, but figured it made sense to release this while the meme was still hot.

If it spreads, cool.

If not, we will still create more, because it is fun.

While YOLO may be true, memes never get old. ™


GameStonks is our first game we are releasing to launch this site, which is a bit of an experiment in Internet memes I suppose. :D

How to Play GameStonks

Can you serve a higher calling?

GameStonks the game.

If You Have Been Living Under a Rock...

The theme of this game comes from the rapid rise of GameStop ($GME) stock share price.

The Company

Hedge Funds

Retail Traders




Media Requests

In honor of the late, great Nancy Reagan, we have a "just say no" policy.

You can email everyone@ our domain, but the odds of us replying are well below 1%.